70% Taking Frequent Antidepressants Endure Sexual Facet Results

70% Taking Common Antidepressants Suffer Sexual Side Effects

What’s the most recent on treating despair with the spice saffron? Years in the past, I lined a head-to-head comparability of saffron versus Prozac for the remedy of despair in my video Saffron vs. Prozac, and saffron appeared to work simply in addition to the drug. Within the years since, 5 different research have discovered that saffron beat out placebo or rivaled antidepressant medicines.

It could be the spice’s crimson pigment, crocin, since that alone beat out placebo as an adjunct remedy, considerably lowering signs of despair, signs of hysteria, and common psychological misery. Maybe, its antioxidants performed a job in “stopping free radical-induced harm within the mind.” The quantity of crocin the researchers used was equal to a couple of half teaspoon of saffron a day.

If the spice works in addition to the medication, one may argue that the spice wins, because it doesn’t trigger sexual dysfunction within the majority of women and men like most prescribed antidepressants do. SSRI medication like Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft trigger “antagonistic sexual unintended effects” in round 70 % of individuals taking them. What’s extra, physicians not solely considerably underestimate the incidence of unintended effects, however in addition they are likely to underrate how a lot they influence the lives of their sufferers.

Not solely is that this not an issue with saffron, the spice could even be capable of deal with it, as I discover in my video Greatest Meals for Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction. “In people medication, there is a broadly held perception that saffron may need aphrodisiac results.” To check this, males with Prozac-induced sexual impairment have been randomized to saffron or placebo for a month. By week 4, the saffron group “resulted in considerably higher enchancment in erectile operate…and intercourse satisfaction,” and greater than half of the boys within the saffron group regained “regular erectile operate.” The researchers concluded that saffron is an “efficacious remedy” for Prozac-related erectile dysfunction. It has all been discovered to be efficient for feminine sexual dysfunction, as properly, as you possibly can see at 2:35 in my video. Feminine sexual operate elevated by week 4, enhancing a few of the Prozac-induced sexual issues however not others. So, it might be higher to attempt saffron within the first place for the despair and keep away from creating these sexual dysfunction issues, since they generally can persist even after stopping the medication, probably worsening one’s long-term despair prognosis.

This consists of uncommon unintended effects, akin to genital anesthesia, the place you actually lose sensation. It may occur in women and men. Extra not often, antidepressants can induce a situation referred to as stressed genital syndrome. You’ve heard of stressed legs syndrome? Effectively, this can be a stressed between-the-legs syndrome. These PSSDs, or Publish-SSRI Sexual Dysfunctions, that means dysfunctions that seem or persist after stopping taking these antidepressants, will be so critical that “prescribing physicians ought to point out the potential hazard of the incidence of genital (e.g., penile or vaginal) anesthesia to each affected person previous to any SSRI remedy.” If you happen to’re on one in every of these medication, did your physician warn you about that?

All hope isn’t misplaced, although. Evidently, penile anesthesia responds to low-power laser irradiation. After 20 laser therapies to his penis, one man, who had misplaced his penile sensation due to the drug Paxil, partially regained his “penile contact and temperature sensation.” Nonetheless, he nonetheless couldn’t carry out to his girlfriend’s satisfaction, and she or he evidently ended up leaving him over it, which actually didn’t assist his temper. However, earlier than you’re feeling too badly for him, examine just a little penile mild remedy to clitoridectomy, clitoris removing surgical procedure, or one other Paxil-related case the place a lady’s signs solely improved after six programs of electroshock remedy.

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These drug unintended effects sound devastating, however despair is not any stroll within the park. Nonetheless, when one balances threat and profit, one assumes that there are really advantages to taking them. That’s why the surprising science I explored in Do Antidepressant Medication Actually Work? is so vital.

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