Everyone Who’s in the Running to Take Over For Alex Trebek

Watch Alex Trebek's Inspiring Thanksgiving Message on Jeopardy

It’s that modest take that offers us wish somebody will certainly have the ability to fill up Trebek’s awesome footwear, also as we obtain misty-eyed over each brand-new homage for the tv symbol. 

Because while our despair proceeds, the program, as they claim, should take place. And with Trebek having actually recorded sufficient episodes to obtain us via Christmas, Jeopardy! manufacturers are mosting likely to have a choice to make come 2021. 

“Game show hosting is a skill,” Adam Nedeff, a video game program chronicler and also writer of guide Game Shows Frequently Asked Question informed Today of the obstacle they encounter. “Alex was always introduced as the host of Jeopardy! not the star. Contestants are the star. So while there might be thinking that he was such a giant they’ll need a ‘name,’ I don’t think the show is suited to be a vehicle for someone. It has to be somebody who’s willing to let the game take center stage.”

With simply lots of Trebek’s 8,000-plus episodes continuing to be, the program will certainly return to manufacturing on Nov. 30, with acting hosts—consisting of GOAT Ken Jennings—readied to helm the large board. But that could perhaps fill out full-time? We explore the list of prospects.

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