‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams Talks BLM Movement & Arrest — Interview – Hollywood Life

‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams Talks BLM Movement & Arrest — Interview – Hollywood Life

‘RHOA’s Porsha Williams is ‘4 real’ happy regarding releasing her brand-new podcast simply a couple of months after being detained throughout demonstrations around the BLM motion.

Fans of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta are utilized to seeing celebrity Porsha Williams, 39, enjoying and also unethical minutes on electronic camera. But she reveals a various side of her in the period 13 best as she obtains detained for her involvement in the Black Lives Matter motion — a subject she’s deeply enthusiastic regarding. “First of all, I’m just blessed to be able to have a platform,” Porsha SOLELY informed HollywoodLife throughout a meeting from Atlanta on Nov. 24. “To be able to use my voice for the voiceless and being able to use where I am in life right now to gain attention for these families who aren’t seeing any justice. For me, being arrested and being on the front lines, it was just second hand nature.”

Porsha is familiar with defending social oppression. The granddaughter of civil liberties protestor Reverend Hosea Williams, Porsha attended her very first demonstration at the age of 5. After the cops entailed murders of George Floyd and also Breonna Taylor, Porsha has actually been among thousands to require to the roads and also take part noisally in the BLM Movement.

The Dish Nation host has actually been so singing that she’s been detained not as soon as, yet two times, defending these households. The very first apprehension occurred back in July 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky throughout an objection for Breonna and also ultimately launched on her very own recognizance. The 2nd apprehension likewise happened in Louisville at a Breonna Taylor demonstration, yet this moment, Porsha was billed with blocking a freeway and also disorderly conduct in the 2nd level. She was likewise tear gassed at a rally for George in June 2020.

Although she has a young little girl, Pilar Jhena, 2, to think of, she’s really the factor for remaining to battle on. “For me, being arrested and being on the front lines, it was just second hand nature,” Porsha claimed. “It was an act of love for the people and we all should be treated equally and I have a little black daughter and I want her future to be better, so it’s just something in me that I have to get active and the main thing that I can call on is my grandfather, the Reverend Hosea Williams, was a Civil Rights Activist, and I learned a lot from him and seeing him in his role and sacrifice and it’s just in me to get into good trouble and it’s just something that my heart led me to do.”

We can anticipate to listen to Porsha open regarding this and also extra along with her sis Lauren and also mother Diane on their brand-new podcast Porsha 4 Real. “The podcast is family based,” Porsha disclosed. “Of course it’s scary! But on the same hand, it’s not off limits because that’s what we’re there for. We’re there to be transparent. I’m there to use my life as a testimony. I’m pretty much an open book! Like, I really enjoy the fact that my listeners and my viewers over the years have been on this journey with me and they’ve gotten to know me, so it’s actually therapeutic for me to open up and uncover even more for them to be able to relate to me more and hopefully learn from my mistakes, that way they don’t have to go through it.”

You can capture Porsha’s apprehension and also even more when The Real Housewives of Atlanta premieres on Sun. Dec. 6 at 8pm on Bravo.

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