Saved By the Bell Apologizes to Selena Gomez Following Backlash

In light of the episode, the celebrity’s followers have actually revealed their outrage on Twitter. So a lot to make sure that “Respect Selena Gomez” was trending on Saturday.

One customer shared, “Selena has been through so much in her life, with [sic] kidney transplant, constant battle with lupus, and her struggle with bipolar disorder. It makes me sick how some people think it’s funny to joke about a disease.”

Another individual wrote, “wtf is wrong with this show and it’s [sic] obsession with selenas [sic] health??? this is so disgusting and unnecessary.”

“The show-runners should’ve known how tone deaf [sic] and insensitive to lupus survivors it was to have ‘does selena gomez even have kidneys’ spray painted [sic] on the wall,” another person added. “You’re not edgy you’re disrespectful.”