Antoni Porowski Whips Up a Delicious Holiday Cocktail

Antoni Porowski Whips Up a Delicious Holiday Cocktail

Is it actually the vacation season with out specialty cocktails and appetizers? Not for Queer Eye‘s meals and wine professional Antoni Porowski.

The Netflix star teamed up with Peroni Beer to craft a scrumptious cocktail recipe you may need to sip all winter lengthy. In the video above, Antoni exhibits followers make a Peroni Regalo, which pairs Peroni Beer with bourbon, sugared orange slices, cloves, cinnamon and bitters to create the flavorful and festive beverage. 

Antoni, who has a ardour for Italian tradition, revealed he was impressed by the nation’s custom of “aperitivo,” which is a light-weight meal or drink designed to whet your urge for food earlier than a late dinner. 

“Aperitivo, in Italian culture, the most similar thing you can compare it to is a happy hour, but it’s so much more than that. The word ‘aperitivo’ in Latin means ‘opener,’ so it’s kind of like the opening to the meal,” he defined within the video supplied to E! News. “That can be a cocktail, it can be a nice little hor d’oeuvre.”

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