Are forest fires unlocking radiation in Chernobyl?

Firefighters graphic

An exclusion zone has maintain the realm surrounding the location of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe hidden from public view for a few years. But in 2020 there have been a document quantity of forest fires within the space.

The firefighters despatched in to deal with the blazes within the radioactive forests agreed to talk to BBC anonymously, fearful of dropping their jobs.

Their accounts expose a month of chaos wherein fires virtually reached the nuclear reactors.

Journalism: Zhanna Bezpiatchuk and Charlotte Pamment

Produced by Charlotte Pamment, Tui McLean and Zhanna Bezpiatchuk

Edited by Charlotte Pamment and Tui McLean

Graphics: Joe Payne, Stelios Thoukidides, Denis Korolev

Satellite evaluation assist: Ana Lucia Gonzalez

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