Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19

Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread COVID-19

According to media records, COVID-19 “cases,” significance favorable PCR examination results, are rising throughout the U.S. and also worldwide, resulting in the application of actions that in many cases are more stringent than what we sustained throughout the first wave.

However, as outlined in numerous current posts, consisting of “Why COVID-19 Testing Is a Tragic Waste,” PCR examinations are being utilized improperly, leading to the incorrect look of prevalent transmission.

In truth, the huge bulk of individuals that wind up with a favorable examination will certainly not establish signs and symptoms and also aren’t contagious. Needless to claim, if you’re not contagious, you posture no wellness danger to any individual, and also being positioned under what total up to house apprehension is only harsh and also uncommon penalty for no factor whatsoever.

Positive Test Rates Have No Bearing on Mortality Rates

In The Highwire record over, Del Bigtree breaks down exactly how exceedingly high examination level of sensitivity brings about wrongly raised “case” numbers that actually inform us absolutely nothing regarding the scenario at hand. As kept in mind by Bigtree, what’s missing out on from the COVID-19 discussion is the real fatality price.

“If COVID is a deadly virus, what should we see when cases increase?” he asks. The response, certainly, is an increase in fatalities. However, that’s not what’s occurring.

Aside from a tiny bump at the start, when medical professionals were uncertain of the suitable therapy and also some states carelessly and also irresponsibly sent out contaminated clients right into unwell complete assisted living facility, the fatality price has actually continued to be fairly level while favorable examination prices have actually significantly fluctuated in periods.

In the video clip, Bigtree includes a November 4, 2020, tweet1 by White House coronavirus advisor Dr. Scott Atlas revealing the variety of favorable examinations (also known as “cases”) in blue and also COVID-19 associated fatalities in red, given that the beginning of the pandemic up till completion of October 2020. As you can see, there’s no connection in between the favorable examination price and also succeeding fatalities.

US COVID-19 cases and deaths

Vast Majority of ‘COVID-19 Patients’ Are Asymptomatic

One of the descriptions for why favorable examination prices and also death do not go together is the easy reality that a large bulk of those evaluating favorable for SARS-CoV-2 are asymptomatic. They just aren’t unwell. The PCR examination is just getting non-active (noninfectious) viral bits.

In one research study,2 which considered expectant females confessed for distribution, 87.9% of the females that checked favorable for the visibility of SARS-CoV-2 had no signs and symptoms. Another research study3 considered a huge homeless sanctuary in Boston. After a collection of COVID-19 situations was observed there, scientists carried out signs and symptoms evaluations and also screening amongst all visitors living at the sanctuary over a two-day duration.

Of 408 individuals checked, 147, or 36%, declared, yet signs and symptoms were notably lacking. Cough took place in just 7.5% of situations, lack of breath in 1.4% and also high temperature in 0.7%. All signs and symptoms were “uncommon among COVID-positive individuals,” the scientists kept in mind.

Asymptomatic Transmission Is Very Rare

During a June 8, 2020, press rundown, Maria Van Kerkhove, the World Health Organization’s technological lead for the COVID-19 pandemic, made it extremely clear that asymptomatic transmission is extremely uncommon, implying a person that evaluates favorable yet does not show signs and symptoms is extremely not likely to send real-time infection to others.

“We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing. They’re following asymptomatic cases, they’re following contacts, and they’re not finding secondary transmission … it’s very rare, and much of that is not published in the literature,” Van Kerkhove stated.

Just eventually later on, Dr. Mike Ryan, executive supervisor of the THAT’s emergency situations program, backpedaled Van Kerkhove’s declaration, stating the statements were “misinterpreted.”4 Needless to claim, when you’re attempting to validate the application of a large monitoring network, it’s no excellent to confess a large bulk of individuals are having their personal privacy infringed upon for no excellent factor whatsoever.

Asymptomatic People Pose No Risk to Others

Most lately, a research5 in Nature Communications evaluated the danger postured by asymptomatic individuals by looking at the information from a mass testing program in Wuhan, China.

The city had actually been under stringent lockdown in between January 23 and also April 8, 2020. Between May 14 and also June 1, 2020, 9,899,828 citizens of Wuhan city over the age of 6 undertook PCR screening. In all, 92.9% of the whole city populace joined the screening. Of these, 9,865,404 had no previous medical diagnosis of COVID-19 and also 34,424 were recuperated COVID-19 clients.

In all, there were absolutely no symptomatic situations and also just 300 asymptomatic situations found. (The general discovery price was 0.3 per 10,000.) Importantly, not a solitary among the 1,174 individuals that had actually remained in close call with an asymptomatic specific checked favorable.

Additionally, of the 34,424 individuals with a background of COVID-19, 107 people (0.310%) checked favorable once more, yet none were symptomatic. As kept in mind by the writers: 6

“Virus societies were adverse for all asymptomatic favorable and also repositive situations, suggesting no ‘sensible infection’ in favorable situations found in this research study … The 300 asymptomatic favorable individuals matured from 10 to 89 years …

The asymptomatic favorable price was the most affordable in youngsters or teens aged 17 and also listed below (0.124/10,000), and also the highest possible amongst the senior aged 60 years and also over (0.442/10,000). The asymptomatic favorable price in women (0.355/10,000) was more than that in men (0.256/10,000).”

Asymptomatic People Have Low Viral Load

Interestingly, when they additionally checked asymptomatic clients for antibodies, they uncovered that 190 of the 300, or 63.3%, had really had a “hot” or effective infection leading to the manufacturing of antibodies. Still, none of their get in touches with had actually been contaminated.

In various other words, despite the fact that asymptomatics were (or had actually been) service providers of evidently real-time infection, they still did not send it to others. As kept in mind by the writers, “there was no evidence of transmission from asymptomatic positive persons to traced close contacts.” They additionally included: 7

“Compared with symptomatic clients, asymptomatic contaminated individuals normally have reduced amount of viral tons and also a short period of viral dropping, which reduce the transmission danger of SARS-CoV-2.

In today research study, infection society was carried out on examples from asymptomatic favorable situations, and also discovered no sensible SARS-CoV-2 infection. All close get in touches with of the asymptomatic favorable situations checked adverse, suggesting that the asymptomatic favorable situations found in this research study were not likely to be contagious.”

Reinfected Individuals Are Not Infectious Either

The very same been true for individuals that checked favorable a 2nd time after having actually recuperated from an energetic infection.

“Results of virus culturing and contract [sic] tracing found no evidence that repositive cases in recovered COVID-19 patients were infectious, which is consistent with evidence from other sources,” the writers stated.8

The scientists likewise explained that infection societies and also hereditary researches have actually revealed the virulence of SARS-CoV-2 seems compromising with time, which recently contaminated people are most likely to be asymptomatic and also have a reduced viral lots than the situations seen previously in the break out.

What does all of this tell us? It tells us there’s no reason to panic simply because the number of positive tests are on the rise. Remember, the more people you test using a PCR test that is set to an excessive cycle threshold, the more false positives you’ll get.

As explained in “Asymptomatic ‘Casedemic’ Is a Perpetuation of Needless Fear,” by using an excessive cycle threshold that amplifies the viral RNA to the point that it detects inactive (noninfectious) particles is at the heart of this so-called pandemic. It’s what keeps the pandemic narrative going, when in fact it’s long since over.

CDC Uses Questionable Sources to Counter China Study

Interestingly, the same day the China study came out, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance9,10 on mask wearing, claiming asymptomatic people account for more than half of all transmissions. Where did they get that from?

The two references listed as support for that claim include a study11 from July 2020, and CDC data that haven’t even been published yet.12 It just says it was “submitted” for publication sometime in 2020, therefore, we are unable to provide any source link. The CDC makes no mention of the China study, which included nearly 10 million individuals.

CNN, which reported the CDC’s update, parroting the idea that asymptomatic spread is why it’s so important to wear a mask, also made no mention of the landmark study from China. Curious, don’t you think? It’s almost as though the CDC doesn’t want us to know we have nothing to fear from healthy people.

German Lawyers Sue Fact Checkers Over Censorship

Many doctors, scientists and lawyers have now become wise to the fact that it is these flawed tests, and their fraudulent use, that is keeping the fear narrative alive — and they’re taking action.

In the video above, Ben Swann talks to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich,13 a consumer protection trial lawyer14 and founding member of the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee (Außerparlamentarischer Corona Untersuchungsausschuss15),16,17 which is seeking to expose how fraudulent testing has been and continues to be used to engineer the appearance of a dangerous pandemic when in fact there is none.

The committee is now filing the first of many lawsuits to come, this one against so-called fact checkers on social media. They opted to file a defamation lawsuit on behalf of Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former member of the German Congress and the Council of Europe who has been an outspoken critic of PCR testing, as it cannot be used to diagnose infection.

Social media companies have labeled Wodarg’s statements as “false,” and by filing a defamation suit, the burden of proof now falls on the fact checkers to prove that they are correct. In other words, to win, the fact checkers must prove that PCR tests diagnose active infection. The scientific evidence proves they don’t, so this case could turn out to be pivotal in the fight against the big tech censorship that keeps the fearmongering alive.

COVID-19 Pandemic — The Greatest Psyop in History?

While Fuellmich and his team make no claims about WHY the pandemic is being kept alive using fraudulent science, they are unequivocal in their assertion that it is in fact a fake pandemic and that it has had devastating health and economic consequences around the world.

For the why, we have to turn to the geopolitical scene to see what narratives have rolled out in tandem with the pandemic. What we find is that leaders across the world are now calling for a “reset” of the global economy in the wake of the destruction brought by the pandemic. In reality, of course, it is the global response to the pandemic that created the economic devastation, not the virus itself.

Either way, the call to “build back better” is being heard around the world, and such plans include the elimination of conventional capitalism, free enterprise and private ownership, replacing them with a technocratic resource-based economic system in which energy and social engineering run the economy rather than pricing mechanisms such as supply and demand.

Leaders are also calling for invasive health surveillance, and there appear to be plans in place to use biometric surveillance via vaccines, every one of which feed into the technocratic system in which this kind of mass surveillance is not only paramount but also foundational.

The factor surveillance is so crucial is because the functioning of this system hinges on artificial intelligence-driven social engineering and manipulation of the masses. Unless people are locked into what could be described as a digital prison, they won’t comply with what’s coming.

Hook everyone up to a digital centralized banking system, a digital ID and a social credit score, however, and few will have the fortitude to object or speak out against the unelected rulers. Your entire life could easily be upended with the push of a button.

We’ve already seen how many people have not only been deplatformed for speaking out against one thing or another this past year, they’ve also had their digital payment accounts closed down, effectively destroying their ability to earn a living. Imagine if there were nothing but a centralized digital currency system and your accounts got shut down. How would you live?

Fear Is a Highly Effective Manipulation Tool

No person in their right mind would agree to this Great Reset plan if they were aware of all the details and its ultimate implications for humanity as a whole. So, to roll it out, they had to use psychological manipulation, and fear is the most effective tool there is.

As explained by psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, there’s an entire school of public health research that focuses on identifying the most effective ways to frighten people into accepting desired public health measures.

By adding confusion and uncertainty to the mix, you can bring an individual from fear to anxiety — a state of confusion in which you can no longer think logically — and in this state, you are more easily manipulated. The following graphic illustrates the central role of fearmongering for the successful rollout of the Great Reset.

technocracy and the great reset

In closing, testing asymptomatic people and isolating people who test positive even when they have no symptoms is a key strategy that keeps the fear level high. There just aren’t enough hospitalized COVID-19 patients to keep the ruse going, and far too few actually die to make the narrative work. That’s why we hear nothing about those statistics anymore.

Instead, all we hear about are the “cases” — the positive tests which have no bearing on mortality rates. Fear of asymptomatics also drive the narrative that we must all wear face masks everywhere we go, since you don’t know who might be infected and not know it. It instills fear of others, as even seemingly healthy people might make you deathly ill.

The featured study from Wuhan demonstrates the fallacy of such fears. People who test favorable but have no symptoms are not infectious and also pose no risk to others. They don’t need to wear masks and also they do not need to be isolated. In short, we don’t need to be afraid each various other.


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