COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Difficult to Avoid

COVID-19 Vaccination May Be Difficult to Avoid

While there’s significant resistance versus compulsory COVID-19 inoculation, it shows up preventing it will certainly be greater than a little hard for a lot of. As outlined in “Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel,” The Commons Project, the World Economic Forum and also The Rockefeller Foundation have actually signed up with pressures to develop the CommonPass,1 an electronic “health passport” structure anticipated to be embraced by a lot of otherwise all countries.

The CommonPass will become incorporated with individual wellness applications such as Apple Health and also UsualHealth, and also if you intend to take a trip, your individual wellness document will certainly be assessed and also contrasted to a nation’s access needs. If you don’t satisfy them, you’ll be guided to an accepted screening and also inoculation place.

The foundation for CommonPass was outlined in an April 21, 2020, white paper2 by The Rockefeller Foundation, and also based upon this paper, it’s clear that evidence of inoculation belongs to a long-term security and also social control framework — one that significantly restricts individual freedom and also liberty of option throughout the board.

There’s definitely no indicator that evidence of inoculation condition will certainly lapse once the COVID-19 pandemic is stated over, and also the factor for this is due to the fact that the pandemic is being made use of as a reason for the Great Reset, which will certainly introduce a brand-new system of technocracy that depends on electronic security and also social design to manage the populace. Proof of inoculation enables the rollout of a very intrusive kind of monitoring that will definitely increase with time.

Tricks Used to Increase Vaccine Uptake

They have a substantial trouble, nevertheless, which is exactly how to obtain a bulk of the international populace to accept this unique, fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccination. According to a November 17, 2020, Gallup Poll,3 58% of Americans currently state they’re willing to take the vaccination. In September, that portion was just 50%.

Still, 58% is not likely to please the technocrats firm on international control of sources and also individuals. Typically, a much bigger portion of the populace — most likely in between 75% and also 90%, according to a November 2020 Lancet paper4 — would certainly require to be immunized in order to accomplish what is wrongfully described as herd resistance (a principle that just puts on all-natural infection, not inoculation).

As an outcome, we’re currently seeing all kind of techniques being used to raise vaccination uptake: amongst them, a proposition to pay each vaccination recipient $1,500.5 The recommendation was elevated by U.S. Representative John Delaney.

“The faster we get 75% of this country vaccinated, the faster we end COVID and the sooner everything returns to normal,” Delaney informed Alabama information website “We need to develop, in my judgment, an incentive for individuals to truly increase their thinking of taking the vaccination.

If you’re still scared of the vaccination and also don’t intend to take it, that’s your right. You won’t participate in this program. But think what? You’re mosting likely to profit anyhow, due to the fact that we’ll obtain the nation to herd resistance quicker, which profits you. So I assume everybody success.”

Democratic governmental prospect Andrew Yang and also financial advisor N. Gregory Mankiw have actually made comparable proposals, recommending the federal government make a $1,000 pandemic stimulation repayment incumbent on COVID-19 inoculation.7,8

Is Risking Your Health Worth $1,500?

If this seems unjust to you, you’re not the only one. I’m sure there are lots of out there that are having a hard time to make it through today and also can utilize that stimulation check, yet aren’t crazy about having fun Russian live roulette with their long-lasting wellness to obtain it. As clarified by Dr. Meryl Nass in a December 4, 2020, post: 9

“If you are hurt by a vaccine or other ‘countermeasure’ designated by the DHHS Secretary as intended for a pandemic or bioterrorism threat (COVID-19, pandemic flu, anthrax, smallpox) your options for receiving any financial benefit are very limited.

First, everyone involved with getting the vaccine to you has had their liability waived under the PREP Act … Congress did create a program to compensate some victims, but it is much less generous than the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). (And no one ever accused the NVICP of being generous.) It is called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).”

CICP Payments Are Insignificant and Hard to Get

As noted by Nass, the CICP is administered within the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which is also sponsoring the COVID-19 vaccination program. This conflict of interest makes the CICP less than likely to find fault with the vaccine.

Your only route of appeal is within the DHHS, where your case would simply be reviewed by another employee. The DHHS is also responsible for making the payment. “DHHS therefore essentially acts as the judge, jury and defendant,” Nass writes.10

While the NVICP pays some of the costs associated with any given claim, the CICP does not. This means you’ll also be responsible for attorney fees and expert witness fees, for example.

According to the CICP director, the maximum payout you can receive — even in cases of permanent disability or death — is $250,000 per person; however, you’d have to exhaust your private insurance policy before the CICP gives you a dime. CICP will only pay the difference between what your insurance covers and the total payout amount established for your case.

For permanent disability, even $250,000 won’t go far, let alone a one-time payment of $1,000 or $1,500. The CICP also has a one year statute of limitations, so you have to be quick. Of course, a significant problem with the COVID-19 vaccine is that no one really knows what injuries might arise, or when, making tying the injury to the vaccination a difficult prospect. For all of these reasons, I agree with Nass when she says: 11

“If you become injured after receiving a designated ‘countermeasure’ vaccine, do not anticipate that you will get help from the government nor from the manufacturers. Please inform yourself of the benefits and risks beforehand.”

Compulsory Vaccination as a Condition of Employment

To boost vaccine uptake, companies are also encouraged to make COVID-19 vaccination a condition of employment. Rogge Dunn, a labor and employment attorney in Dallas, Texas, told CNBC that “Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t, fire them.”12

For years, I and others have warned that unless you get involved in protecting vaccine choice, even if and when it doesn’t affect you personally, eventually it will indeed affect you and it’ll be too late to do anything about it.

We’re now at that point. This affects everyone, not just teachers and health care workers. It affects all ages. Any company can implement compulsory COVID-19 vaccination. No one is automatically excluded. Anyone could soon have to face the choice of vaccination or unemployment.

According to CNBC,13 antidiscrimination laws might enable some employees to get an exemption, but I would not count on it. Union workers may also have enough clout to prevent a mandate, provided the union is willing to take a stand against it. Dunn claims some of his corporate clients are already considering mandatory vaccination, including restaurant owners.

“They think it gives them a competitive advantage. They could say to their customers, ‘Hey, our restaurant is safe. All of our employees have been vaccinated,’” Dunn said.

Keep in mind that if your employer mandates the vaccine, they will not be liable for side effects. According to the experts CNBC spoke to, “claims would be routed through worker’s compensation programs and treated as an on-the-job injury.”

In the absence of a mandate, some companies are baiting staff to get voluntarily vaccinated by promising vaccinated employees will be able to forgo temperature checks and/or other PPE requirements. Others are considering giving out cash bonuses to those who get vaccinated.

Reducing Vaccine Hesitancy by Relabeling Side Effects

Yet another trick used to reduce vaccine hesitancy is an entirely semantic one. By renaming adverse reactions and referring to them as “immune responses” instead, they hope people will be less likely to be concerned if they end up feeling horrible after the shot.

A December 1, 2020, CNBC article,14 which looked at the frequency of adverse reactions, noted that 10% to 15% of participants in the Pfizer and Moderna trials reported “significantly noticeable” side effects.

Buried way down at the bottom of the article is a suggestion from a past advisory committee member, who proposes the nomenclature of “serious adverse reaction” be changed to “immune response,” so they can reprogram how people think about these side effects, even if they end up having to stay home from work because of them.

Dr. Eli Perencevich, a professor of internal medicine and epidemiology at the University of Iowa Health Care, has suggested essential workers should be granted three days of paid leave after they’re vaccinated, as many will feel too sick to work.15 Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the vaccine’s side effects are “no walk in the park.”16

No Vaccine, No Entry — How Far Can It Go?

In related news, Canadians who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine should be prepared to comply with a mandatory mask rule and to be restricted in their ability to move about society, according to Ontario’s chief medical officer, Dr. David Williams. As reported by Summit News December 4, 2020: 17

“Williams acknowledged that ‘we can’t force someone to take an injection,’ but [went] on to explain how people who didn’t take it would have their freedom of mobility severely restricted …

‘What may be mandatory is proof of … vaccination in order to have latitude and freedom to move around … without wearing other types of personal protective equipment’ … As we previously highlighted, governments do not have to make the vaccine mandatory, they can simply make life unlivable for people who refuse to take the vaccine.

If bars, restaurants, cinemas, sports venues, airlines, employers and others all make the vaccination a mandatory condition of service, anyone who refuses to take it will be reduced to a personal form of de facto lockdown with their social lives and mobility completely stunted.”

Indeed, if vaccination is a condition both for employment and enjoyment, just how voluntary is it? The tactic of restricting personal freedom to coerce people into getting vaccinated is no different from a vaccine mandate that has no exceptions.

It’s blackmail, pure and simple, and it will disproportionally affect the middle and lower classes who can’t afford to remain unemployed for any length of time and can’t pay for the care that might be needed should something go wrong.

Overall, this kind of coercion is a disaster in the making, and it’s particularly egregious considering SARS-CoV-2 infection poses a minuscule risk to the vast majority of the population, as detailed in “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetuated on an Unsuspecting Public.”

What Can You Do?

If this information in this article concerns you, as I believe it should, then I would strongly encourage you to consider joining the NVIC vaccine portal.

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