Determining the Cost of Your Health Coaching Services


A profitable and worthwhile well being teaching enterprise, like most issues, have to be constructed. Many well being coaches battle in the case of pricing their providers as a result of their deep, significant ardour to assist individuals in want. After all, individuals want well being teaching—and the ensuing enhancements of their total well being and wellness—now greater than ever. Rather than view pricing as a barrier to your passionate pursuit, select to view it as a propellent. Profit is a crucial situation for existence and a method to a well being coach’s purposeful finish. Profit is like oxygen, meals, water and blood for the physique; they aren’t the purpose of life, however with out them, there isn’t any life (Collins & Porras, 2005).

Follow these steps to find your optimum pricing and revenue.

Step 1: Identify Your Annual Financial Goal

Setting a monetary aim is step one of making a marketing strategy. When setting your monetary aim, it vital to acknowledge the distinction between income and revenue

Revenue is the amount of cash you generate from promoting providers and/or merchandise.

Profit is the quantity left over when you subtract bills you pay to function your enterprise from the income. This is the amount of cash that you just truly earn.

The aim you need to establish is how a lot you need to make annually 12 months that’s your proft

Step 2: Calculate Your Baseline Expenses

While topline income, or how a lot you earn earlier than bills, could be an thrilling quantity, it’s your revenue that issues. Because your baseline informs the minimal income you could earn to achieve your first greenback of revenue, the following step is to calculate that worth.

Your baseline is solely the sum of your entire fastened and variable prices in the case of creating, advertising and marketing, promoting and delivering providers to shoppers. Some objects to contemplate embody web and cell phone entry, web site internet hosting, apps, scheduling and billing software program, upkeep of present certifications, academic conferences and/or video digicam and related tools.

  • Annual fastened price instance: Business utilities $3,000 + Education $3,000 + Equipment $1000 + Miscellaneous $500 = $7,500 complete
  • Monthly bills: $7500 / 12 = $625

In this instance, your revenue will probably be every part you earn above $7,500 per 12 months, or $625 per thirty days. Understanding and precisely projecting your baseline prices empowers you to outline and construction how a lot you’ll cost on your well being teaching providers.

Step 3: Calculate How Much to Charge Per Billable Hour

Once you could have calculated how a lot cash you need to earn and have recognized primary bills, it’s worthwhile to decide how a lot cash you will have to cost per hour with shoppers to earn the revenue you need.

To calculate how a lot to cost per billable hour, begin along with your annual revenue aim (from Step 1) and divide by 12 to find out your month-to-month revenue aim.

  • Example: $100,000 per 12 months/12 = $8,333 per thirty days

Then, use your estimated prices to calculate your month-to-month bills.

  • Example: Monthly bills, as calculated in Step 2, equal $625 per thirty days

Add the month-to-month prices to the revenue aim to find out how a lot cash you’ll have to earn every month (in complete income, not revenue).

  • Example: $8,333 + $625 = $8,958

Next, you’ll want to find out the variety of billable hours you’ll have every month. Start by figuring out what number of hours per week you wish to work and subtract 10 to fifteen% from the whole quantity. The 10 to fifteen% buffer is to account for non-revenue-generating capabilities like advertising and marketing, scheduling and document preserving.

  • Example: If you propose to work full-time, you’d multiply 40 hours per week by 15% and subtract that quantity from 40 to find out pricing based mostly on 34 billable hours per week.Then, a number of 34 x 4 = 136 for complete variety of billable hours per thirty days.

To decide how a lot it’s worthwhile to cost per contact hour to satisfy your annual revenue aim, divide month-to-month income by the variety of month-to-month billable hours.

  • Example:$8,958/136 = $65.87/hour*

This well being coach may anticipate to generate roughly $107,500 per 12 months ($8,958 x 12) in income—for a revenue of roughly $100,000—by charging a median of roughly $66.00 per billable hour.

A few vital notes: First, you might need to enable your self no less than a few weeks of paid trip annually, which means that your income calculations would account for 50 weeks per 12 months as a substitute of 52. For instance, as a substitute of calculating your month-to-month income as one-twelfth of your annual income, you might need to calculate weekly income as one-fiftieth of your annual income. Second, $100,000 of annual earnings could look like a lofty aim, notably on the outset. Remember that while you’re figuring out your month-to-month price to hit your revenue targets, it could take a while to amass the variety of shoppers wanted to fill your entire billable hours.

*One extra consideration will probably be taxes; each gross sales and self-employment tax. You’ll need to seek the advice of with an lawyer concerning gross sales tax and self-employment tax implications in your state. When reviewing your pricing technique, it would be best to estimate the quantity you’ll have to put aside for taxes and subtract that quantity out of your income era estimations to make sure you are reaching the monetary targets you could have set for your self.

How to Beat This Common Profit Trap

Beware of the cancelation/rescheduling entice, which diminishes revenue and will increase frustration. While reported cancellation/rescheduling charges fluctuate drastically, even very conservative estimates are round 15%.

To beat this entice, somewhat than depend on contractual cancelation penalty charges, which can at finest create a clumsy dialog and at worst an adversarial one, contemplate designing the providing to incorporate “up to four sessions a month” somewhat than “four sessions a month.” This small adjustment to your consumer settlement won’t solely stop potential future points however add dramatically to your profitability.

Consider a Thinking Shift

Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business School professor of economics, famously said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole.” In different phrases, individuals pay for the outcomes, not the method.

People working in service industries typically fall into the entice of merely buying and selling their time for cash, once they actually needs to be charging shoppers for the outcomes they will obtain. It’s vital to develop your serious about time past merely blocks of minutes, hours and days that you just change for cash. Time could be measured not solely quantitively but in addition qualitatively. As you contemplate how you can be serving your shoppers—digital teaching periods, dwell teaching periods, weekly check-ins, pre-recorded video or audio exercises, and many others.—do not forget that you don’t should be working face-to-face (dwell or digital) to be offering priceless (and billable) assist. The aim is to invoice for outcomes, circuitously commerce your time for cash.

Remember, your consumer is hiring you to assist them obtain their intentional change as a path to construct their finest future self. Viewing your well being teaching follow and pricing mannequin via the lens of what your consumer is de facto buying could result in more practical price, pricing and revenue outcomes.

Embracing the necessity for revenue to gas your distinctive calling to serve others, and creating methods to find out your worth past the change of cash for time, permits you to worth your providers so that you’re able to thrive and prosper as a well being coach.


Collins, J. & Porras, J.I. (2005).Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. New York: Random House.

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