Dionne Warwick Responds to Wendy Williams’ “Maliciously Made Comments”

Dionne Warwick Responds to Wendy Williams' "Maliciously Made Comments"

Williams then introduced up Warwick’s previous marijuana possession cost. According to CNN, citing a information launch from a spokesman for the Miami-Dade Police Department, Warwick was charged with possession of marijuana in 2002. The information group reported officers found 11 suspected marijuana cigarettes inside a lipstick container whereas Warwick was at Miami International Airport that yr. Per the Associated Press (through People), the cost was later dropped.

“Well, you remember, a few years ago, Aunt Dionne was stopped at the Miami airport trying to get back to Jersey,” Williams stated. “And you know Jersey now has the bud, but Miami is buddier. Look…TSA stopped Aunt Dionne and opened up a lipstick tube and found four, excuse me, 11 pre-rolled joints. Oh yeah, they got the dog on it. It was weed.”

Even although it was identified to Williams this was 18 years in the past, the TV star continued to make accusations, claiming, “Yeah, she still…after midnight, a little bud, a little chardonnay.”

Near the tip of the section, Williams stated she was “only having fun” and that she loves Warwick. “So now, Aunt Dionne knows how to stay relevant and Brittani is right there giving her all the filters and checking it over before she sends,” she continued. “And I think that’s a great thing. I think that if you’re a person of a particular age, you need to social media and you need to get down sometimes and talk at these kids…But you need somebody young in your family just to make sure, you know, you’re coming off correct.”

She concluded by pointing to a photograph of Warwick carrying a necklace. “I like your necklace,” she stated. “That necklace looks like it might be hitting and holding.”

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