Greece Wants Him in Prison. Instead, He’s in the E.U. Parliament.

Greece Wants Him in Prison. Instead, He’s in the E.U. Parliament.

The celebration’s assistance deteriorated as the criminal instance versus it unravelled, and also in the July 2019 political election it shed every one of its seats in the Greek Parliament. But quickly prior to that competition, Mr. Lagos ran efficiently for the European Parliament, and after that began his very own celebration along the exact same extremist lines as Golden Dawn.

Of the 7 leading Golden Dawn numbers that were punished to 13 years, 5 remain in jail and also one, Christos Pappas, gets on the run. And after that there is Mr. Lagos, that continues to be pleasantly resident in Brussels, the seat of the European Parliament and also casual funding in the European Union, still gathering greater than 13,000 euros a month, concerning $16,000, in wage and also costs.

In very early November, he whined concerning shedding his gratuities when the parliament was compelled to suspend its sessions as a result of coronavirus constraints. “It is unfair for us to have be deprived of the perdiems we are entitled to,” he claimed in an e-mail to the Parliament’s management.

Mr. Lagos is a number of months away, at the very least, from being apprehended and also extradited to Greece to offer his sentence. On Twitter, he is crowdfunding for his lawful charges and also asserting that he’s the target of a political suppression by the Greek facility that looks for to silence real patriots.

“He is in the core of the leading group of Golden Dawn, he’s one of the top five, not some kind of rank and file member,” claimed Lefteris Papagiannakis, a lawful professional that belonged to the Golden Dawn Watch campaign, a civil culture company that diligently covered the site test and also various other concerns referring to the team.

“Lagos is the muscle, the brute force,” he included. “He is the ultimate expresser of the violent nature of Golden Dawn.”

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