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Keke Palmer is complying with in fellow multi-hyphenate, Jennifer Lopez’s footprints. She talked to HL concerning just how she’s been motivated by her ‘Hustlers’ co-star.

Keke Palmer does it all! She acts, she sings, she holds, as well as currently she’s intending on spreading her wings right into creating as well as guiding, specifically after seeing her Hustlers co-star Jennifer Lopez’s success! “She’s really just a boss diva. I mean, she’s exactly who you expect her to be. It was just awesome to watch her go in and out of being a producer and an actor on the set of Hustlers,” Keke clarified in a SPECIAL meeting with HollywoodLife, while advertising her most recent collaboration with Olay. “She leads by example…the real truth is her character. And that’s what I really caught on to.”

When it pertains to the tales she’d like to inform, Keke confessed that she was reluctant to take another look at Black American History, “because it can be very heavy and dark,” however her work with the upcoming thriller Alice transformed her mind. “It changed my life,” she claimed of the Krystin Ver Linden flick. “That experience has literally propelled me into being that much more fearless when it comes to being free and going and getting myself to work hard and give myself everything that I want and that I can have.”

Keke Palmer (MEGA)

That consists of creating, which Keke claimed she’d enjoy to do to be able to inform “A Day In The Life” tales concerning Black females as well as “normal movies where Black people exist just as humans without struggle.” “I want to be able to do a movie like Jennifer Aniston, where it’s just about, you know, if he likes me? Or, ‘I wonder if I’m going to get married?’ I just want to do a movie that’s not about me being Black and how hard it is being Black,” she claimed.

Keke talked to HL concerning Olay’s Body Nighttime Duo, which introduces very early 2021. The Olay Body Cleansing & Renewing Body Wash with Retinol functions over night to hydrate to restore skin’s surface area as well as expose dynamic, glowing skin. Then, as an action 2, the Olay Rinse Off Body Conditioner with Retinol offers an additional dosage of wetness as well as Retinol that remains to function throughout the evening. “I’m very excited for people to get their hands on this!” Keke spurted over the items. “It’s my favorite new nighttime routine!”