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Kentucky Fog Is the Bourbon County Brand Stout Variant to Drink in 2020

Daylight conserving time is right here, its undesirable bags packed with 5 p.m. sundowns as well as a possible sales pitch for breweries. Dark days are worthy of dark beers. It’s advertising magic for royal stouts, those boozy heavyweights turning haymakers loaded with coffee as well as chocolate, decadent sips for cranking our inner thermostats. And loss’s most ballyhooed bruisers are Goose Island’s Bourbon County stouts, a yearly custom that goes back to the very early ’90s.

Back after that, Goose Island flouted convention by maturing a royal stout in fresh cleared bourbon barrels. The perky method was groundbreaking after that, however today it’s well-trod ground. Bourbon barrel–aged stouts are marketed by breweries tiny as well as huge, inconveniencing to stick out in the boozy darkness.

Goose Island is striving to separate in 2020. The business’s slate of Bourbon County variations numbers 7 deep, beginning with the front runner. It’s experienced in diverse bourbon barrels from Wild Turkey, Buffalo Trace, as well as Heaven Hill, a fudgy vanilla reward.

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It’s strong things, abundant as well as scrumptious in all the anticipated metrics. But that’s table risks for this classification of beers. Breweries should regularly up the stake, be it in rarity or taste, to stand out as well as bank card. Goose Island satisfies the pay-any-price enthusiast established with ranges matured in barrels which contained Old Forester Birthday as well as W.L. Weller bourbons, 2 these days’s even more in-demand brand names. On the various other hand, the Proprietor’s launch is influenced by spumoni as well as preferences like Maraschino cherries as well as the guarantee of future tooth cavities.

My palate are prejudiced, though. I care neither for sweet taste neither the cinnamon, sugar, as well as apple tastes of the wheat red wine called Caramella. I do like coffee, mainlining cool mixture as well as cortados all early morning, priming me for Special #4 as well as its shot of Intelligentsia Coffee as well as syrup. It was respectable, however additionally quite by the publication. Coffee. Beer. It’s a suit made in our anticipated suggestion of paradise.

Instead, I’d choose to constantly twist with the wonderful miasma of Kentucky Fog. It looks for taste ideas inside the London Fog, an Earl Grey–instilled latté cost Starbucks. The bourbon-barreled stout is mixed with clover honey as well as Earl Grey as well as black teas. There’s a swiftly flower scent, intense with lemon as well as grapefruits as well as stabilized by honey, a strapping stout that consumes alcohol active as well as classy, a sumo wrestler with the capability to powerlift as well as pirouette.

Kentucky Fog is the dreamiest stout I’ve drunk all year, evidence that darkness can be light as well as wonderful. This version will certainly fit everybody to a tea.

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