Lizzo Surprising Her Mom With a Car for Christmas Is So Sweet

Lizzo Responds to Juice-Cleanse Backlash: "I'm Proud of My Results"

Lizzo made her mother really feel great as heck this holiday when she talented her an all new Audi. 

The “Truth Hurts” vocalist shared the video clip of her offering her mother Shari Johnson-Jefferson with the auto on Instagram, together with a psychological subtitle. 

“remember crying in my car when my daddy passed, no job no money nowhere to live, wishing I could one day provide for my family,” the flutist composed. “I couldn’t do it for my dad so ima make sure I spoil Mama. Happy holidays y’all.”

In the video clip, Lizzo made her mother (that she is the spewing photo of) close her eyes prior to taking her to the driveway, where her brand-new automobile was waiting. Shari right away rupture right into splits. 

After embracing and also thanking her little girl, Shari claimed, “You see these on television but you never expect it to happen to yourself.”

Fans enjoyed Lizzo’s heartfelt motion. One composed in the remarks, “THAT people is what you do with all your hard work! Take care of your parents…especially if they took care of you!”

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