Mass Death of Birds as well as Fish: Is There a Cover Up?

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Dead FishPuzzled by the mass fatalities of birds as well as fish in Alabama? It’s additionally taking place in other places, throughout the Eastern as well as Southern U.S. as well as around the globe — Gizmodo has a helpful map of all the U.S. occasions.

The Activist Post supplies some concepts. Before you review them, nonetheless, keep in mind what Yahoo News needs to state regarding the topic:

“… [M]butt die-offs occur constantly as well as normally are unconnected … Federal documents reveal they occur typically every various other day someplace in North America. Usually, we do not discover them as well as do not attempt to connect them to every various other …

And there have actually been a lot bigger die-offs than the 3,000 blackbirds in Arkansas. Twice in the summer season of 1996, greater than 100,000 ducks passed away of botulism in Canada.”

Here are the concepts provided by the Activist Post:

Mainstream Explanations: These have actually consisted of lightning, hail storm, mid-air accident, high-voltage line, as well as New Year fireworks for the birds, as well as a condition for the fish. But this appears like a hell of a coincidence, as well as where are the baked birds from a lightning strike?

Meteor showers: During this duration of extreme seasonal meteor shower, some individuals reported listening to sonic booms in the location that may have been an indicator of a neighborhood shock wave.

New Madrid Fault Line: Could it be associated with the current quake task along a geological fault that leaves the mid-eastern area of the U.S.? Could it have spread contaminants right into the water as well as ambience?

Government screening: Only particular types have actually been influenced, however within the whole area. And some records have shown that the body organs of the birds were melted — could this link species-specific bio-weapons?

GMOs: There are various other die-offs are taking place throughout various other types, such as as well as bats. Some assume they might be infected by genetically customized plants.

Geoengineering: Could splashing in the location have triggered this?

HAARP: Both birds as well as fish browse in extremely collaborated means. Could the HAARP variety off in Alaska have short-circuited their navigating systems? Or is it the outcome of electro-magnetic air pollution for various other human gadgets?

Scalar Weapons: Some ask yourself if the reason is routed power beam of light tools released through satellite.

Project Blue Beam: Another concept is an audio generator tool.

Geomagnetic as well as various other Earth adjustments: The magnetic post is relocating. Add to this a diminishing magnetosphere as well as dropping oxygen degrees, plus a rise in sunlight task as well as magnetic tornados.

Update: A Wisconsin laboratory has actually obviously figured out that the birds, at the very least, passed away of candid pressure injury.


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