Miller High Life Debuts Holiday Champagne Bottle and Connected Glasses

Miller High Life Debuts Holiday Champagne Bottle and Connected Glasses

During the darkish nights of an ongoing pandemic, a shining gentle seems.

Well, two shining lights—embedded into the high-tech coasters for a pair of vacation champagne glasses from the intoxicating minds at Miller High Life.

Recognizing this socially distanced vacation season will embrace loads of tipsy video calls, the second glass arrives prepackaged; the thought is you ship it onward to your toasting companion of selection.

Miller High Life champagne glasses toaster coupe

These so-called vacation coupes—coupe as in French-style champagne glass, not a 2-door fastback with plastic wreath mounted on the grille—will naturally be WiFi enabled. When each drinkers increase their glasses, the coasters will festively illuminate.

An different is to maintain each glasses for your self and, within the occasion of vacation blackouts, double-fist your technique to security.

Miller High Life

And what would possibly financially careworn Americans—with restricted budgets for vacation partying—pour into these glasses? Luckily, if the worth of actual champagne feels unrealistic, Miller’s received your lined with its newest 750ml High Life champagne bottle.

With red-foil on the neck, it seems like actual champagne. It pours like actual champagne. And it tastes like vacation financial savings. A 750ml champagne bottle of High Life will promote for $3.49.

On sale now (Dec. 15), the vacation champagne glasses will price $19.03, a before-tax nod to the yr High Life was launched.

When including an estimated 7.25 p.c gross sales tax? The whole involves $20.40—hopefully not a prediction of the yr when America will lastly return to regular.

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