Natalie Portman Says “Being Sexualized as a Child” Made Her “Afraid”

Natalie Portman Says "Being Sexualized as a Child" Made Her "Afraid"

Natalie Portman is opening up concerning the heartbreaking manner in which she was impacted by acting functions from her earlier years.

The starlet attended on the Armchair Expert podcast on Monday, Dec. 7, where she informed host Dax Shepard that playing sexualized personalities at the beginning of her profession had a perilous influence on her. 

Portman, that started acting at age 12, reviewed her duty in the 1996 movie Beautiful Girls, in which her 13-year-old personality Marty creates a connection with a guy played by Timothy Hutton. She informed Shepard that it was clear to her that she was being depicted as a “Lolita figure,” describing Vladimir Nabokov‘s traditional 1955 unique concerning a woman that takes part in a sex-related partnership with a much-older male.

“Being sexualized as a child, I think, took away from my own sexuality because it made me afraid, and it made me like the way I could be safe was to be like, ‘I’m conservative,’ and ‘I’m serious and you should respect me,’ and ‘I’m smart,’ and ‘Don’t look at me that way,'” claimed the Thor celebrity.

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