Nigeria’s Katsina college kidnapping: Boko Haram reveals video clip ‘of confiscated kids’

Nigeria's Katsina school abduction: Boko Haram shows video 'of seized boys'

media subtitleAbdulhadi prevented the mass kidnapping in Nigeria’s Katsina college however his twin sibling Mustapha was shed in the disorder

A video clip claimed to be from the jihadist team Boko Haram reveals several of greater than 300 Nigerian school children abducted recently.

In the video clip, recorded in a woodland, shooters with their faces covered stand guard over kids, several of whom look no older than 10.

One youngster is made to release needs in behalf of the team.

The kids were taken from a boarding college in the north-western state of Katsina.

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The assault was the very first of its kind in north-western Nigeria.

Despite the Boko Haram insurance claim that it lagged the kidnappings, the Nigerian authorities state they were accomplished by neighborhood gangs attached to the Islamist team.

Boko Haram has actually been infamous over the last years for college kidnappings, consisting of in Chibok in 2014, when almost 300 schoolgirls were confiscated. Its name freely converted as “Western education is forbidden”.

However, these kidnappings have actually previously occurred in the north-east, where Boko Haram is based.

What does the video clip program?

The six-minute video – which has actually not been separately confirmed – includes a child in the foreground whose clothing and also face are dishevelled.

Dozens of youngsters, several of them seeming really young, stand in the history, begging.

Deserted boarding rooms in the school after last week's attack

picture subtitleBoko Haram claimed it had actually targeted the college against Western education and learning

In a mix of English and also Hausa, the major audio speaker claims they were abducted by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau’s gang.

He claims several of the kids have actually been eliminated by Nigerian boxer jets and also asks for the closure of institutions apart from Koranic institutions.

He includes that all the federal government soldiers that have actually been sent out to aid them must be returned.

At one factor his voice shows up to damage and also the various other youngsters start to weep.

It’s an upsetting watch, BBC Nigeria contributor Mayeni Jones claims.

An additional damage in the head of state’s online reputation

Analysis by Nduka Orjinmo, BBC News, Lagos

This notes a terrible kip down the battle versus Islamist revolt in Nigeria; all of it however validates that militant teams such as Boko Haram have actually spread out right into the north-west.

Worsening criminal activities such as kidnapping and also strikes on farming areas had actually been connected to “bandits” – a loosened term for numerous teams in the huge area which currently needs to consist of Islamic insurgents.

There have actually been cautions in the past that the federal government’s failing to manage such teams positioned a danger and also a possible breeding place for sympathisers of Islamist militancy.

picture copyrightAFP/Getty

picture subtitleBoko Haram is led by Abubakar Shekau

If the kids are currently really with Boko Haram, after that what appeared inconceivable is currently proving out: Islamist militants in Nigeria’s north-east dispersing west to connect with collections of various other criminal gangs.

The safety effects must be stressing, not simply for Nigeria however, for various other nations in the Sahel area, where huge swathes of lands are currently in the hands of such Islamist insurgents.

This was a video clip several Nigerians were wishing they would certainly never ever see once again: schoolchildren in the hands of Boko Haram, and also – expectedly – several are mad with the intensifying safety scenario under the existing federal government.

People are currently waiting to see exactly how President Muhammadu Buhari deals with the scenario – Boko Haram are most likely to make use of the kids as bargaining pawns. That this occurred under a management that entered into power encouraging far better safety is a more damage in his online reputation as a previous army basic.

What do the Nigerian authorities state?

The shooters that abducted the school children might have obtained aid from Boko Haram, state Governor Aminu Bello Masari informed the BBC’s Newsday program.

His declaration follows the Islamist militant team claimed it was in charge of the kidnapping.

But the guv duplicated the authorities’ sight that the assault itself had actually been brought by what he labelled neighborhood outlaws.

“One cannot precisely say there is no Boko Haram at all but those who [carried out the attack] are not Boko Haram, are not known to be members of Boko Haram.

“Maybe [they helped] with training or a few other ways helpful to the neighborhood outlaws however all the names we have until now are names of the neighborhood outlaws,” Governor Masari claimed.

He also told the BBC the security forces had made contact with the kidnappers and had some idea where they were.

But he stressed the authorities would not negotiate with Boko Haram, nor would they agree to paying a ransom.

The jihadist group has waged a brutal insurgency since 2009, mostly in north-eastern Nigeria.

Tens of thousands of people have died and millions have been forced from their homes.


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