Racing to conserve among the wonderful marvels of nature

Two divers take part in the census

After 3 current mass whitening occasions, the future of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef remains in the equilibrium – with an elderly researcher stating that it’s “calling for urgent help”.

But currently researchers and also lobbyists have actually unified to attempt to aid it regrow itself.

Only 5-10% of the coral reef is consistently evaluated, therefore volunteers – consisting of scuba divers and also vacationers – have actually been asked to take countless images, which will certainly be placed on-line and also categorised, once more by volunteers.

This must enable preservationists to connect locations that are still healthy and balanced with locations which are battling, throughout its yearly spawning occasion in December, which sees it launch trillions of eggs and also sperm right into the sea like an undersea snow storm.

Video by Janet Ball. Original meeting showed up on

Newsday on World Service radio.

(Photo: Divers in Queensland, Australia. Credit: Johnny Gaskell)

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