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Sofia Laine is shooting back at her little girl, Vanessa Bryant, after Vanessa declared that the accusations that Sofia made in a suit versus her were ‘false and absurd.’

The lawful fight in between Vanessa Bryant and also her mom, Sofia Laine, is obtaining unpleasant. Vanessa implicated Sofia of making “false and absurd” asserts concerning her in a suit, which was submitted on Dec. 16. Now, Sofia is slapping back with some extreme words concerning her little girl. To begin her declaration, Sofia firmly insisted that she never ever meant to “air [her] family’s grievances in public.” She declared that she wished the legal action would certainly play out in the courts, which it was “Vanessa’s own doing” that points went public.

“All I wanted is what I worked for,” Sofia stated in her declaration. “Vanessa, despite everything that I have been promised and done for her and the family, has attempted to sever all ties and renege on all obligations and agreements. Why would she do this to her own mother? I am so disappointed, hurt and wronged to the point that I had no choice but to file a lawsuit. I am nearly 70 years old, my health is deteriorating, and my own daughter is doing this to me?”

vanessa bryant
Vanessa Bryant goes to a Lakers video game. (AP)

She included that she was “disappointed” and also “heartbroken” by just how points were playing out. “It is unfortunate that Vanessa is making such false statements, especially in the public,” Sofia included. “I understand she is trying to preserve her reputation, but it does not excuse her behavior. Vanessa knows very well that I was the family nanny for almost two decades. She even drafted and enforced an extremely strict schedule for the round-the-clock care of my grandchildren. It is simply ridiculous that she would deny this.”

In Sofia’s legal action, she declared that she was a “longtime personal assistant and nanny” for Vanessa, her late spouse, Kobe Bryant, and also their children. Sofia firmly insisted that, prior to his fatality, Kobe guaranteed to “deal with [her financially” due to all of her years of help. However, after Kobe died, Vanessa did not live up to the promises that the NBA star made, according to Sofia’s lawsuit.
In a lengthy statement, which you can read in full at the bottom of this post, Vanessa denied her mothers claims. She vowed that Kobe “never promised [her] mom anything,” and also stated that the allegations made in the legal action were “unimaginably hurtful.” She additionally rejected that Sofia acted as a baby-sitter to her youngsters, and also described that she simply “watched [them] from time to time, as most grandparents do.” Vanessa additionally closed down Sofia’s insurance claims that she left her in the cool, and also stated that she provided to offer Sofia month-to-month assistance as just recently as September.

However, Sofia’s declaration plainly informs an extremely various tale. “She knows the truth and she knows I was their nanny,” Sofia proceeded. “She knows very well that she failed to pay me what I was owed. She also knows what it would have cost to hire a nanny for a high-profile family and the trust that would be involved in such employment. Now she denies it. Again, this is hurtful. Vanessa publicly claims that I am trying to extort her. This cannot be further from the truth. Again, all I want is what I worked for and nothing more.”

vanessa kobe bryant
Vanessa and also Kobe Bryant stroll the red carpeting with each other. (AP)

Sofia remained to firmly insist that “promises were made” to her, which “Vanessa cancelled and voided everything that [she] was entitled to.” She additionally promised to “persevere” in the middle of both’s now-public fight. “I hope that my daughter changes course and will do what is right and give me what was promised to me,” Sofia ended. “I also hope that Vanessa will stop preventing me from seeing and spending time with my grandchildren. She is using my grandchildren to punish me for exercising my rights. Although I had no choice to sue Vanessa, after all this is said and done, hopefully we can go back to having an amicable mother-daughter relationship. In the end, truth will prevail.”

Vanessa was widowed after Kobe’s fatality in an unfortunate helicopter accident in Jan. 2020. The set’s 2nd earliest little girl, Gianna Bryant, 13 additionally passed away in the accident. Now, she is elevating the pair’s 3 various other children (Natalia, 17, Bianka, 4, and also Capri, 1) on her very own. Read Vanessa’s complete declaration in action to Sofia’s legal action right here:

“My mom is remaining to attempt and also locate means to obtain an economic windfall from our family members. I have actually sustained her for almost twenty years, and also she was never ever my or Kobe’s individual aide, neither was she a baby-sitter. I have actually constantly been a stay-at-home mom and also my spouse and also I were our little girl’s permanent treatment providers. For almost twenty years, we scheduled my mom to stay in our neighboring residential properties, at no charge to her due to the fact that she had actually declared that she didn’t have any kind of cash to acquire her very own house after her separation. My spouse and also I felt it was best for her not to stay in our house. She saw our women periodically, much like a lot of grandparents do. She did not function concerns or expenditures. She was a grandma that was sustained by me and also her son-in-law at my demand. She currently wishes to back bill me $96 per hr for apparently functioning 12 hrs a day for 18 years for viewing her grandchildren.

In truth, she just sometimes babysat my older women when they were kids. As of 10 years earlier, our youngsters were full-time trainees and also professional athletes and also I didn’t have one more youngster till 2016. Her insurance claims are certainly incorrect yet I still attempted, continuously, to function points out with my mom. Contrary to what she’s claiming, I haven’t left my youngsters’s side given that the crash other than to check out the burial ground to make setups.

Earlier this year, I was seeking a brand-new house for her and also, a week later on, she took place tv and also offered a meeting defaming our family members and also making incorrect allegations while living rent-free in a gated apartment building in Newport Coast. Even afterwards dishonesty, I wanted to offer my mom with month-to-month assistance for the remainder of her life which wasn’t adequate. She, rather, called me with middlemans (in contrast to what she asserts, my telephone number hasn’t transformed) and also required $5 million, a home and also a Mercedes SUV. Because I did not succumb to her upsetting hazards and also financial demands, she has actually spiraled out of hand and also is making incorrect and also ridiculous insurance claims. She is currently attempting to obtain even more cash than my spouse and also I ever before invested to attend to her while he lived. She has no respect for just how this is influencing my youngsters and also me. She wishes to live off of my children and also me for the remainder of her life while remaining to accumulate month-to-month spousal support from her ex-husband given that 2004. My spouse and also I have actually never ever inhibited or maintained her from offering herself.

This legal action is unimportant, disgraceful, and also unimaginably upsetting. My spouse never ever guaranteed my mom anything, and also he would certainly be so dissatisfied in her actions and also absence of compassion.”

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