Shia LaBeouf and also Margaret Qualley Appear “Completely Smitten”

Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley Appear "Completely Smitten"

Shia LaBeouf and also Once Upon a Time in Hollywood celebrity Margaret Qualley looked significantly like a pair following FKA branches‘ claims of misuse versus Shia, according to a resource for E! News. 

In October, Shia and also Margaret starred with each other in the video “Love Me Like You Hate Me” for Margaret’s sis Rainey Qualley, whose name is Rainsford. This month, both were seen packaging on the PERSONAL ORGANIZER in Los Angeles. Now, a resource for E! states both are cohabiting.

“Margaret has been staying with Shia at his place since she came back to LA. They look completely smitten,” states the expert. “They spent the afternoon on Monday taking a hike near his house in the late afternoon. He waited for her and put his arm around her.”

The brand-new pair quit to have a look at the Jupiter and also Saturn Great Conjunction, which some are calling the “Christmas star.” 

“She rested her head on his shoulder and they pointed at the sky together,” includes the expert. “Then they switched places and Margaret went behind Shia and showed him what she could see by pointing. They had a good time and it looked like a fun experience to share together. After a few minutes of looking up at the sky they headed back to Shia’s house.”

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