Taylor Swift Shares Insight on Joe Alwyn and also Bonding Over “Sad Songs”

Taylor Swift Shares Insight on Joe Alwyn and Bonding Over "Sad Songs"

It seems like songwriting came really normally for them. Taylor described, “He’s always just playing instruments and he doesn’t do it in a strategic, ‘I’m writing a song right now’ thing. He’s always done that.” 

However, the Miss Americana celebrity confessed that if lockdown would not have actually taken place, she does not believe they would certainly have teamed up. “But I’m so glad that it did. We’re so proud of [‘exile’],” the musician claimed. “All I have to do is dream up some lyrics and come up with some gut-wrenching, heart-shattering story to write with him.”

And when it comes to their not-so-bubbly track “champagne problems,” Taylor hinted she’ll eventually do it live at a show for followers. “I’m so excited to one day be in front of a crowd when they all sing, ‘She would have made such a lovely bride. What a shame she’s f–ked in the head,'” she claimed, including, “I love a sad song.”

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