Watch Gwen Stefani’s Performance at the Global Citizen Prize Awards

Watch Gwen Stefani's Performance at the Global Citizen Prize Awards

Gwen Stefani desires the globe to understand she’s still “just a girl” from Orange County. 

The Voice advisor done at NBC’s 2020 Global Citizen Prize Awards on Dec. 19, where she debuted her brand-new solitary “Let Me Reintroduce Myself.” The tune, which went down on Dec. 7 as well as featured art work that revealed Gwen in her “Just a Girl” video outfit, is an ode to her almost three-decade lengthy songs profession, as well as a pointer to followers that she is still the very same individual.

“The simple recipe to get the best of me / Homegrown ingredients, that’s what made you mess with me In the first place (place) / ’cause you know I’m like organic / And it tastes great / I already gave you bananas,” the 51-year-old sang. “Go ahead and help yourself, me again in your ear / Binge on my music for days ’cause I’ve been here for years.” 

For the unique event, the previous No Doubt frontwoman worn a sparkly silver as well as black attire that included a houndstooth print.

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