Where Did Eggnog Come From?

Where Did Eggnog Come From?

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful …” or a minimum of that’s just how it’s portrayed in track in the weeks prior to Christmas when lots of visualize resting prior to a barking fire with a mug of eggnog.

In the U.S., the standard beverage is circulated from October via December, when sales of the store-bought selection autumn precipitously after Christmas.1 In the last half a century, sales in food store have actually quadrupled. Although it’s difficult to determine the appeal of the homemade variation, it’s approximated individuals in the U.S. beverage greater than 135 million extra pounds of it each year.2

While most eggnog is eaten over a brief 2 months of the year around Thanksgiving as well as Christmas, stores have actually observed that the cooler it is outdoors, the even more eggnog they market. Sales in the Midwest as well as Northeast U.S. overtake the Southern states, however also in locations that are typically chilly, when the temperature level increases, sales decrease.

Despite changes in sales around winter, cooking chronicler Andrew Smith reports that eggnog was commonly a Southern beverage when, in the very early days of the U.S., alcohol intake at Christmas was discredited.3

The Original Nog Was Made With Wine or Beer

The initial eggnog made its opening night around the 13th century in England.4 Only the well-off might pay for eggnog as it was made with alcohols, eggs as well as milk that were unusual foods for citizens. Large estates had ranches as well as there was no refrigeration that would certainly permit the components to remain fresh.5

Most think the initial model of eggnog was the British “posset.” This was a warm milk beverage that consisted of ale. Posset might have been utilized to deal with colds as well as influenza when the beverage was blended with ale as well as flavors.6 The upper-class combined it with sherry or brandy as opposed to beer.

Since milk, eggs as well as sherry were foods just the well-off might pay for, eggnog came to be connected with toasting for success.7 It had not been till the 1700s when the beverage was given the Americas that it came to be linked to the vacations.

Since much of the swarms had ranches that had lots of poultries as well as cows, eggnog made the dive from the upper class to the remainder of culture. However, sherry was still pricey in the Americas as a result of hefty taxing, so less costly rum from the Caribbean was included rather.8

Eggnog initially made a look in composed prose in a comic rhyme by Jonathan Boucher in 1775. But the earliest link with Christmas can be found in the Virginia Chronicle in 1793 when it was reported: 9

“On last Christmas Eve several gentlemen met at Northampton court-house, and spent the evening in mirth and festivity, when EGG-NOG was the principal Liquor used by the company. After they had indulged pretty freely in this beverage, a gentleman in company offered a bet that not one of the party could write four verses, extempore, which should be rhyme and sense …”

The beverage has actually ended up being a practice throughout the globe, with a couple of changes depending upon the nation. In Mexico, it’s called rompope, which was a beverage produced in a convent in Puebla.10 The standard dish includes cinnamon as well as rum or grain alcohol. In Peru, it’s called biblia disadvantage pisco as well as made with Peruvian pomace brandy.

The Germans call their beverage Biersuppe as well as it’s made with beer. And, in Iceland, they have a soup appearing like eggnog that’s acted as a warm treat without alcohol. People that enjoy the beverage claim the store-bought selection doesn’t come close to the preference as well as structure of what you can make in the house.

What’s in a Name?

The beverage is still in some cases called “egg flip” in Britain, describing just how it was made. Some in Australia additionally call it an “eggflip,” made with vanilla, milk, raw egg, sugar as well as grated nutmeg. Kidspot.au composes it “is a healthy, nutritious meal in a glass. Just don’t tell the kids that there is an egg in it and they will never know.”11

It is an enigma just how words “nog” happened connected with eggnog. There are numerous concepts, none of which have actually been verified. One states the word nog was the name of a solid beer made in East Anglia, England, that had a greater alcoholic material than various other kinds of beer or ale.12 When eggs were included, the beverage came to be eggnog.13

Another states the word originates from words “noggin,” which today implies an individual’s head, however in Middle English suggested a sculpted wood cup in which individuals consumed alcohol. Another concept states it originated from words “nug,” which is a sort of ale intoxicated in Scotland that is heated by a fire casino poker.

And ultimately, a concept that isn’t as possible states the beverage was called just after getting here in the swarms, originating from the term “grog” that describes the rum very early Americans utilized in their eggnog.14 The term grog changed right into nog as well as came to be eggnog. Wherever the term stemmed, it began turning up in the very early 19th century in England as well as America.

Is There a Raw Egg in Your Nog?

Traditionally, homemade eggnog is made with a raw egg or more, depending upon just how much you’re making. However, if you’re obtaining the store-bought selection, you’ll discover the FDA restricts the quantity of raw egg to 1% egg yolk, which is hardly adequate to claim that there is an egg in the beverage.15

Along with the tiny part of an egg are numerous various other components you might not have the ability to articulate, in addition to sterilized milk items, sugar as well as fabricated tastes.16 If you pick to make your very own healthy and balanced dish in the house, I extremely suggest just utilizing eggs from licensed natural as well as real pasture-raised poultries from a trustworthy regional farmer.

Eggs from traditionally farmed chickens can raise your threat of infections as well as illness like salmonella, as germs multiply in animals elevated in focused pet feeding procedures (CAFOs), where problems are confined as well as unhygienic.

Local farmers that expand their chickens in licensed natural as well as real pasture-raised settings make use of stainable approaches, consisting of tidy as well as roomy cages with sufficient accessibility to sunshine as well as area for the chickens to forage for their healthy food.

This is why salmonella contamination is unusual in these pets. You can see the distinction in the yolk of eggs gathered from CAFOs or pasture-raised poultries. Egg yolks from CAFOs are a light-yellow anemic shade, while egg yolks from pasture-raised poultries are an abundant orange shade.

The exact same holds true for raw milk. Many think that sterilized milk is much safer than raw milk from lawn fed cows, however this just isn’t real, offered the raw milk is from a premium resource. Pasteurization is essential for business milk considering that the cows are subjected to contamination as well as illness as well as packed with prescription antibiotics that multiply antibiotic-resistant infections.

The pasteurization eliminates the germs however leaves the healthy protein covering in the milk. Raw milk from lawn fed, pastured cows that are elevated in tidy as well as healthy and balanced problems do absent these threats. Instead the milk is teaming with nutrients, helpful germs as well as probiotics, which are advantages you just cannot receive from CAFO milk.

Fun Facts About the Traditional Holiday Drink

Whether you are a follower of the abundant egg/milk mix or believe it’s a beverage ideal delegated to long-past customs,17 eggnog has an intriguing background. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the initial U.S. head of state took pleasure in eggnog throughout the Christmas period. His dish had an undesirable quantity of alcohol as well as sugar as well as didn’t define the variety of eggs required. Printed in his words, Washington created: 18

“One quart cream, one quart milk, one dozen tablespoons sugar, one pint brandy, ½ pint rye whiskey, ½ pint Jamaica rum, ¼ pint sherry — mix liquor first, then separate yolks and whites of eggs, add sugar to beaten yolks, mix well. Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs until stiff and fold slowly into mixture. Let set in cool place for several days. Taste frequently.”

Dwight Eisenhower enjoyed to destress by food preparation as well as created his very own eggnog dish that required “one dozen egg yolks, 1 pound of granulated sugar, 1 quart of bourbon, 1 quart of coffee cream (half & half), and 1 quart of whipping cream.”

The practice of alcohol consumption eggnog tied with alcohol throughout the Christmas period was given a stop at West Point Academy in 1826. Earlier in the year, Col. Sylvanus Thayer, that was called the “father of West Point,” prohibited alcohol on university. What adhered to came to be called the Eggnog Riot.19

It started when some cadets smuggled alcohol on university for a vacation celebration as well as continued to obtain inebriated. By completion of the evening, there were shattered home windows, busted furnishings as well as gunfires. No one was injured, however one month later on 19 pupils had actually been court-martialed as well as 11 were eventually eliminated from the college.20

In 1920 a British reporter, Pierce Egan, created an eggnog beverage made with rum as well as brandy. He called it the “Tom and Jerry.” Some think the Tom as well as Jerry animation was called after the beverage.21

Delicious as well as Healthy Holiday Treat

Whether you appreciate it yearly or are thinking about attempting it this year for the very first time, utilizing a homemade eggnog dish is your ideal selection for valuing the genuine taste of the beverage as well as staying clear of unneeded components from the store-bought selection.

It’s crucial to bear in mind that when alcohol is eaten in extreme quantities it can ruin your liver as well as general health and wellness. The great information is that you can delight in a healthy and balanced as well as tasty eggnog beverage without alcohol. Judy Peacock, a Mercola.com visitor, shared her individual healthy and balanced eggnog dish that is tasty, alcohol-free as well as best for any ages. Consider attempting it this period.

Healthy Holiday Eggnog Recipe

Serving Size: 1


2 or 3 raw pastured eggs

Your milk of selection, such as lawn fed cow’s milk or coconut milk, sufficient to load your glass or cup

A dashboard of nutmeg or vanilla

Raw honey to preference

One inside story of whey healthy protein powder (optional)


  1. Put the eggs, milk, honey as well as whey healthy protein powder (if utilizing) in a cup or glass. Add a dash of vanilla or nutmeg.
  2. Use a hand blender or food processor to mix the mix till foamy.
  3. Consume quickly.

Source: articles.mercola.com

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