Why Murder on Middle Beach Isn’t Your Typical True Crime Series

There are a couple of minutes in Murder on Middle Beach, HBO’s most recent real criminal offense docu-series, where you could discover on your own covering your eyes or combating need to creep out of your skin. And it’s not as a result of the physical violence or terrible photos. The filmmaker simply has an extremely intimate and also extreme partnership with his meeting topics.

Madison Hamburg was simply 18 years of ages when his mom, Barbara Hamburg, was killed beyond their Madison, Conn. house in in 2010. More than a years later on, the criminal offense continues to be unresolved. But Madison has actually never ever quit looking for responses—also when it suggested asking his relative uneasy inquiries, like, “Did you murder my mom?”

You recognize, simply for instance. 

What started as an university job at Savannah College of Art eventually ended up being Murder on Middle Beach, the clutching four-part docuseries that decides on Dec. 6. Madison has actually invested greater than 8 years servicing the docudrama that, truly, isn’t a real criminal offense collection in all.

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