Will December’s COVID-19 Crush Overwhelm Hospitals?

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The New York Times: “As Hospitalizations Soar, El Paso Brings In New Mobile Morgues,” “Cuomo Fears ‘Nightmare of Overwhelmed Hospitals’ as Virus Cases Spike.” 

Wisconsin Department of Health Services: “COVID-19: Alternate Care Facility at State Fair Park.” 

Wisconsin Public Radio: “State-Run ‘Alternate Care Facility’ Has 15 COVID-19 Patients, As Wisconsin Hospitals Near Capacity.” 

The Providence Journal: “Rhode Island hospitals are full. Covid field hospital opening today.” 



The Covid Tracking Project.

Amesh Adalja, MD, Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Leana Wen, MD, FAAEM, emergency situation physician, public health and wellness plan teacher. George Washington University.


Modern Healthcare: “As COVID-19 cases threaten capacity, children’s hospitals resist taking adults.”

Wall Street Journal: “Soaring Covid-19 Hospitalizations Again Put Traveling Nurses in Demand.”

Journal of Hospital Medicine: “Trends in COVID-19 Risk-Adjusted Mortality Rates.”

STAT News: “Data reveal hospitalized Covid-19 clients are making it through at greater prices, however rise in instances might roll backgains,” “‘People are going to die’: Hospitals in half the states are facing a massive staffing shortage as Covid-19 surges.”

Robin Turner, MD, FAAHPM, clinical supervisor, Duke University Health System homecare and also hospice program.

CNN: “CDC optimistic coronavirus vaccines will be released by end of the year.”

National Nurses United: “Sins of Omission.”

KBIA: “Kansas Hospitals Are Declining 100 Rural Coronavirus Patients A Month As Capacity Continues To Swell.”

Journal of the American Medical Association: “Health Care Workers Deserve Better Protections From Coronavirus Disease 2019.”

Medical News Today: “COVID-19: Hospital support staff hit harder than doctors and nurses.”

Christian Science Monitor: “Out of space, hospital moves COVID-19 patients to parking garage.”

Source: www.webmd.com

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