YFN Lucci Responds To Haters Who Say He ‘Disrespects’ Reginae Carter – Hollywood Life

YFN Lucci, Reginae Carter

YFN Lucci established the document directly on his connection with Reginae Carter, claiming that he as well as Reginae are ‘cool’ which they are servicing returning to a location in their connection where there is ‘no drama.’

YFN Lucci administered some words for movie critics of his connection with Reginae Carter. The rap artist, 29, showed up on Established as well as dished on his present connection condition with the newly-minted 22-year-old. He also slapped back at haters, that tossed color at him for relatively “disrespecting” Reginae. “They don’t know what I do,” he informed the host.

The rap artist, proceeded, claiming that the haters had an “attitude,” as well as they “don’t know” what he as well as Reginae discuss. When it pertained to exposing if he as well as Reginae are formally back with each other, YFN Lucci coyly claimed, “we cool.” He even more clarified by claiming that both are “working” on their connection. “We’re working on being better friends,” he proceeded.

“We’re trying to go back to how we was the first,” he claimed. “No drama, no bullsh*t.” When the host raised that Reginae as well as YFN Lucci lately took place a journey with each other in October, the rap artist claimed that both were “just kicking it,” as well as didn’t mention any kind of love. However, not just were YFN Lucci as well as Reginae making even more memories on their October escape, the rap artist was really in charge of Reginae’s current 22nd birthday celebration celebration in Atlanta.

“Last night was mad real,” Reginae started the inscription to her slide carousel blog post, including photos from her ’90s-themed celebration. “Thanks to my boyfriend for throwing me this amazing party ! Thanks to my parents for the juvenile and Mannie connect (legendary ) and I wanna thank everybody who came and partied with me ! Y’all some real ones,” she wrapped up the blog post.

Reginae Carter, YFN Lucci
Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci seemingly reconciled in October 2020 [AP].

Reginae and YFN Lucci split in 2019 after Lil Wayne‘s daughter noticed that her boyfriend wasn’t specifically imitating himself. Circumstances completely rose, however, when YFN Lucci went to Alexi Skyy’s well known ‘cucumber party’ in August 2019, where some racy acts including cucumbers were done. Since their October journey, YFN Lucci’s connection with Reginae has actually relatively improved, although some followers aren’t entirely persuaded. Regardless, Reginae’s display screen of love for her on-again, off-again companion in her blog post-birthday Instagram post absolutely allowed followers understand that both are returning to a much better area.

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