Bachelor Matt James Is “Unpleasant” Seeing His Eyes-Open Kisses

The Bachelor Premiere: A Sparkly Vibrator and a Promising Start

Matt James definitely has beautiful eyes, however visitors of The Bachelor are maybe reaching see a little bit even more of them than they may such as.

One element of this period that is as inevitable as Matt’s unbelievably great appearances is the reality that he inexplicably maintains his eyes open while he kisses the ladies, which social media sites individuals have actually seen to it to explain on many events. And also as it ends up, the male himself locates this peculiarity to be as odd as every person else does. 

Matt attended on ACC Network’s In Play on Tuesday, Jan. 26, where hosts Kelsey Riggs and also EJ Manuel simply needed to ask what the offer is with him obtaining an excellent take a look at his companion throughout those smooches.

“Dang, you all tossed me under the bus, that’s insane,” the truth TELEVISION celebrity reacted with a hearty laugh. “I presume I really did not recognize I kiss with my eyes open up until individuals were videotaping me kiss individuals, and also I’m viewing it back. I resemble, Yo, what are you doing?”


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