How Adventure Racers Deal With Adversity

Dark had actually established on the Fijian jungle. In the mud as well as rainfall, Jason Magness as well as his colleagues came across a bamboo structure. They curtained a tarpaulin over, as well as made camp for the evening. The last couple of hrs the team had actually climbed their method via a thick, high valley they thought would certainly bring them to the base of Vuwa Falls—a tiered, thousand-foot waterfall they required to rise—just to uncover they made navigational mistakes as well as had actually simply invested the day going across the incorrect valley.

Magness, Daniel Staudigel, Melissa Coombes, as well as Stephen Thompson of Team Bend Racing remained in Fiji joining the 2019 Eco-Challenge, an 11-day, 400-mile experience race broadcast on Amazon Prime Video in August 2020 as The World’s Toughest Race. Team Bend began the multi-discipline occasion dashing to a lead in their outrigger canoe. Then hiking on the island of Ovalau, Staudigel caught extreme warm disease, as well as was hardly able to relocate under his very own power. Within 14 hrs from the beginning, Bend Racing moved from very first placement to virtually last, not sure regarding the health and wellness of Staudigel (visualized listed below), or if they would certainly have a possibility to end up.

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Five days as well as virtually 280 miles later on, grinding on rest deprival as well as sufferfest-ing throughout the South Pacific setting via phases of hiking, whitewater rafting, as well as hill cycling, Staudigel’s health and wellness boosted, as well as Bend Racing was rallying in congratulatory spirits. That was, till they discovered themselves shed in a valley someplace in the facility of the Fijian island of Viti Levu. Inevitably exhausted, overwhelmed, as well as with aggravations placing, the group once again discovered their race at risk.

The looter: Magness as well as firm got to Vuwa Falls as well as at some point the very best coating of any type of American group, in seven-as well as-a-half days and 14th area.

Team Bend Racing Adventure Eco Challenge
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Team Bend Racing was much from the only team experiencing problems. Wilderness survival circumstances are foregone conclusion throughout the Eco-Challenge. But when you have an occasion where a 3rd of the 66 qualified groups would certainly not also end up, you need to ask what capacities go to job to finish the race past physical fitness as well as orienteering?

Magness points out abilities like locating the course mentally, mentally, as well as with individuals around you. Something he as well as his twin bro (as well as initial climbing up companion) Andrew keyed right into very first seeing the Eco-Challenge on tv with each other. “My brother and I really got into climbing and mountaineering, and did some big climbs and first ascents going into our 20s,” states Magness. “I remember seeing the Eco-Challenge on TV. In some of those early versions of it they showed a lot more of the divisiveness and complaining on the teams. We were watching and asking each other why they were fighting? We knew enough from our climbing expeditions that fighting was the surest way to have all of your plans go astray. Those are the people you are trying to survive with.”

Getting un-lost from a Fijian mountainside could show up much from the everyday tests of many, yet Magness, that has actually joined experience races because 2003, sees misfortune, whether it remain in the wild or in the house, as getting on the exact same map. The soft abilities Team Bend Racing consistently sharpens were checked in Fiji. Here, Magness shares understanding right into just how they lugged them to finish the Eco-Challenge.

Jason Magness from Team Bend Racing Eco Challenge

Be truthful with on your own as well as those around you

“We have vent sessions. You have to work to allow people’s feelings to be valid. Whether the basis behind them is correct or incorrect is a different conversation. But the feelings themselves are valid. Once we feel heard in that sense it’s easier not to just keep fighting and keep going into a dark place. It takes the wind out of the sails of that negative emotion. Things are the most dangerous when you are resisting them.” Magness, that co-founded Bend Racing with his partner as well as sometimes colleague Chelsey Magness, worths this sincerity within the group which plays a substantial function for a bigger approach both in the sporting activity as well as at big that he can’t highlight sufficient, “You have to value relationships.”


Give pain a possibility

“We have a rule that at any point any one of us can say, ‘I’m done with this, I want to go home.’ There is no judgment,” states Magness, recognizing in these races if a staff member stops the whole team’s race is completed. “But it features a caution. Once you choose that, we proceed for 24 hr as well as when that time has actually passed see if you still really feel in this way.

The approximate amount of time serves as an organized system to permit somebody the capability to experience a procedure with their scenarios. A staff member starts the condition in nearly every occasion, yet they have yet to step down, as well as they understand if they ever before do it will certainly be the ideal telephone call. “Once you get comfortable with being uncomfortable you open up your possibilities. Often we react too early and rob ourselves of an opportunity to grow and adapt.”

Eco-Challenge Fiji Team Bend Racing
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Don’t forget the power of remainder

In a 24-hour open racecourse rest comes with a costs. Teams rest on just a couple of celebrations for minimal time, as well as run via the majority of the 400-mile occasion mainly rest robbed. Magness suggests occasionally relaxing is the very best point you can do on your own, yet usually ignored. If you are worn down, or having problem addressing a disagreement occasionally the very best alternative is to take an old item of guidance. Sleep on it, as well as see where you are later. This is specifically what Bend Racing made a decision was the very best strategy throughout attempting times shed trying to find Vuwa Falls. “That is one of the best reset buttons there is and not enough teams know when to use it. It didn’t work in our favor for anything else except that we got to mentally reset.”

Stay directed towards the favorable as well as commemorate also tiny success

“You need to see on your own prospering. It becomes this driving psychological photo as well as you don’t also need to understand just how it’s mosting likely to occur yet you have this total picture of success. We established these little small objectives to make sure that we have successes, as well as we are extremely observant of doing that in our race when we don’t really understand if we can maintain going.

When Dan had warm fatigue we were dragging him up a hill for 3 hrs that took most groups half a hr. The last point we claimed prior to he went to sleep was that he prospered at something. The following early morning a great deal of the success for Dan was if can consume alcohol a mouthful of water, that was it. Whatever the job in advance is, the last 10 points you did you prospered at therefore the following job you will certainly likewise.

As quickly as you leave when points obtain hard you are establishing neurological patterns. Luckily our pattern is we will certainly discover our method via anything since that is what has actually constantly occurred. As quickly as you have that as your default you are virtually unstoppable. Because that is the truthful assumption, that you are mosting likely to discover a means to end up every venture that you’ve begun.”


Team Bend Racing from the United States
Tara Kerzhner

Write your very own impressive

Growing up, Magness as well as his bro Andrew had 2 continuous electrical outlets, the outdoors, as well as the dream globe of Dungeons & Dragons. The video game dipped into a table could appear much from the world of scaling hills, yet Magness sees them as enhancing each other as well as supplying imagination in challenging scenarios. “The imagination is a huge tool. In any epic story there are heroes overcoming overwhelming odds. When we race we look at it this way. Like we are on a quest and becoming our own legend. All the things that go wrong become part of our story and not a blame or a fear. When we survive something I let these things become larger than life in my mind, because that’s fun. Those are the moments you want to imprint on your soul as a human.” states Magness. “It’s empowering. You get to choose your own story. You can go over a mountain or around a mountain, but no matter the outcome you keep moving forward.”


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