See Danny MacAskill’s Gnarly ALL-TERRAIN BICYCLE Descent on The Pieces

Watch Danny MacAskill's Gnarly MTB Descent on The Slabs

When Danny MacAskill, fabulous Scottish tests bike cyclist (and also well-rounded god on 2 wheels), claims at the start of his brand-new brief movie, The Pieces, that what he’s about to ride is “quite frightening,” after that you understand goddamn well that it’s mosting likely to be a really impressive descent. One that would certainly make plain people like us collapse to our knees, whining as we tearfully bail on the trip and also relapse down the high path on our butts.

“I am a large follower of rock climbing and also have actually been motivated by the different males and females that established brand-new paths and also examination themselves on some impressive faces all over the world so I lay out to discover some difficult Piece Rock paths on my house Island of Skye with a goal to ride them in a continual line and also examination what was feasible on my bike,” MacAskill creates in the introductory to the outrageous video clip.

He begins the display by reaching the top of The Pieces, situated off the shore of Scotland, for his 1,600-foot trip to Loch Coruisk listed below. The first downhill appears great, tame also. It doesn’t look that tough as you mumble to on your own. “Ah yeah, I might take that line, not a problem.” And also as it advances, “I huck decreases like that on [insert local trail here] at all times. Immaterial.”

After that come the huge rocks and also the spaces and also the steeps. MacAskill goes from a sluggish yet extreme mountain bicycle trip down delicately sloping side of a big pieces of gabbro (a grippy, rugged kind of rock comparable to lava) to dancing throughout rocks and also bounding over substantial spaces. The range and also pitch isn’t fairly comprehendible up until the drone firing the descent begins to swoop and also spin, revealing real angle with MacAskill silhouetted versus the hills behind him.

Insaneness takes place as at one factor he apparently will lack area on a sheer knife-edge of rock that rejects to the valley listed below. Yet MacAskill, being that he is, bounds up and also out of the situation, climbing up like a goat and after that remains to go down 650 feet down an also steeper, virtually upright, incline.

“I particularly selected lines that channelled me along a one-foot-wide walk with high cliffs going down sideways,” stated MacAskill in a current meeting with web site UKClimbing. “It was fairly an effective sensation up there really, I actually fairly appreciated it,” he claims. “Usually I’m utilized to doing methods, so you’re perhaps subjected for secs at once, whereas up there you’re doing a run where you’re subjected for a great deal longer than that. It’s a little bit extra like climbing up, I intend.”

Inspect it out on your own and also worship the king of the death-defying feats on 2 wheels.

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