Why You Should Consider a Custom Engagement Ring

While looking for an engagement ring, people usually want something that’s original and a true representative of their relationship. You may not find such characteristics in a ready-made ring. But don’t get hopeless; a custom engagement ring can help you in this regard. By getting it designed in a meaningful way, you can express your love to your partner and make your special day more memorable.

You can select the material type, custom engagement ring setting, design, and diamond to surprise your partner and get a big YES certainly. Let’s find out the top reasons to consider a custom engagement ring Toronto.

Top Reasons to Consider Custom Engagement Ring

Show Your Creativity

Custom made engagement rings provide the buyer an opportunity to be creative and produce an original design. You can share your special story with the designer to allow him to craft the ring accordingly, mentioned Sevan from Design by Sevan, a top jeweler in Toronto, CA. Professional designers are skilled enough to bring an idea to life.

Customization lets you be in charge of the design. As you have the freedom to be as much creative as you want, you can consider many different elements to make your ring special. For instance, customized rings with names let you engrave your names to them. You can carve a word loved by both of you, as well.

Other than that, you can also make a gemstone, from an old yet special jewellery item, a part of your engagement ring. There is no end to crafting beautiful designs.

Decide Based on What You Want

The most common reason people consider this kind of ring is that it allows them to get what they actually want. The options that ready-made rings do not provide are all made available while designing a customized ring.

You can choose the material, ring size, color, and shape of the band, center stone, side stones, and other design features as you want. Today, many couples want to add a personal factor to their engagement ring and make it unique among all. Ready-made rings fail to fulfill these needs and requirements. So, such couples opt for custom made engagement rings.

Material quality will also be of your liking. Choose any material that you think will make the ring look new the whole life. You can also get advice from the jeweler about which material will suit your design the best.

custom engagement ring

Personalization Adds More Meaning

No couple is similar to the other, and all have their own story. If you want to craft your real-life love story in a ring shape, then custom engagement rings in Toronto is the perfect choice for you. You can express your love, feelings, and thoughts through custom made designs.

Adding personal touches to your engagement ring will truly make it a symbol of your love. It will make the ring more meaningful, and your partner will cherish it more.

Design Ring That’s One of a Kind

No doubt, ready-made engagement rings have beautiful and captivating designs but what they lack is uniqueness. There are often many copies of the same ring design. It means the ring your partner is wearing can be like the ring worn by any other couple. If you want to amaze your partner by gifting a wow-worthy ring, then a custom engagement ring can help you get that response.

You are a different couple, so your rings should also be different from others. Make it different by designing it however you want. Fulfill your engagement ring related fantasy. If you choose a customized ring, then no other person in the world will have the same engagement ring as yours. Isn’t this what most women dream about?

Create a Deep Lasting Connection

You and your fiancé will have a deep connection with the custom engagement ring and cherish it more than any other ornament. It is because you will put lots of efforts, thoughts, and of course, money to come up with a design that is related to your life, story, and love.

Looking at the ring even after many years will refresh old and beautiful memories. People often keep these rings and pass them to their next generation. It is because these rings have a personal and deep meaning. So, they treasure it and make it a part of the family’s legacy.

Choose What She Likes

If you are well aware of your fiancé’s likes and dislikes, you would probably wish to get an engagement ring that suits her style and personality the most. Ready-made rings often have a limited number of designs. Those designs may not match well with the likes of your partner.

So, with the best custom engagement rings, you can get the help of experts and craft something unique, which is exactly how your partner wanted to have. If your partner is very conscious of her dresses and jewellery and likes to wear things that are one of a kind (which most women do like), then a custom made engagement ring will give her the best surprise ever.

Get a Custom Made Ring for Any Budget

People often think that custom engagement rings are very expensive compared to other rings available in the market. The truth is they are not as costly as you believe.

The cost of a custom made engagement ring depends on your choice of material, gem type, and other design features. If you do not want it to over exceed your budget, then choose the design and ring features that are affordable. Talk to the jeweler and share your budget plan with him. He will help you make better choices.


Engagement holds great significance in everyone’s life. You can make your special day more special by surprising your partner with a custom engagement ring that reflects your love for each other. There are many reasons to choose a custom-made ring, but the main reason is personalizing the ring adds more value to it and somehow helps to create a lasting connection between partners!

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