Mika Coddles George Conway on Lincoln Project/Weaver Sex Rumor

Mika Coddles George Conway on Lincoln Project/Weaver Sex Scandal

Early Morning Joe‘s pretense of journalism struck an abysmal brand-new reduced today as Mika Brzezinski made believe to examine George Conway concerning the sex rumor swallowing up John Weaver, a founder together with Conway of the Lincoln Task. Conway had actually gotten on the program to thump the bathtub for Trump’s impeachment over the January 6 trouble, and also in making her bye-byes, Mika excused asking an eensy-weensy inquiry concerning it, stating she would certainly be “remiss” if she really did not.

I’d be remiss not to ask you concerning the tale concerning John Weaver, that is an establishing participant of the Lincoln Task, 21 males implicating him of online harassment. Your company has a rather clear declaration on this sort of harassment. Yet intended to ask you straight concerning this problem.

That’s not really an inquiry! It’s a “please go on currently.” 

Conway had the nerve to insurance claim he hardly understood Weaver, his founder of the Lincoln Task! And also apart from stating it was dreadful and also dreadful, Conway entirely evaded the “inquiry.” Stammering and also stumbling, he responded:

CONWAY: I didn’t recognize John extremely well. I truthfully just talked with him a pair times on the phone beforehand in the Lincoln Task. I simply, I, I, it’s virtually — I don’t recognize also recognize what to claim. It’s simply dreadful. I, I, it leaves me amazed, truthfully.”

It’s a non-answer to a non-question! So Mika covered it up: “All right. Well, thanks a lot for getting on. And also we absolutely wish to have you back. As Well As I value you taking that inquiry. We’ll be complying with.”

 Neither Mika, neither the New York City Times headline she presented, discussed the nature of the harassment, in which Weaver sent out improper messages of a sex-related nature to more youthful males, consisting of deals of occupation development in return for sex-related supports. 

On Sunday evening, the Daily Caller reported that MSNBC had actually held Lincoln Task spokespersons at the very least 17 times considering that the Weaver claims were reported by Ryan Girdusky in The American Traditionalist on January 11, and also they were never ever inquired about the Weaver rumor.

The Lincoln Task had the ability to prevent talking about the Weaver claims partially because of the reality that its founders were not inquired about them throughout their numerous cord information looks. In the 3 weeks in between Girdusky’s preliminary record and also the Times’ follow-up, George Conway showed up on MSNBC at the very least 2 times, Steve Schmidt showed up on MSNBC at the very least 8 times, and also Rick Wilson showed up on MSNBC at the very least 7 times.

One might say this is foregone conclusion, taking into consideration NBC’s and also MSNBC’s document on Matt Lauer’s internal misuses, and also their associated termination of Ronan Farrow’s coverage on Harvey Weinstein’s harassment.

PS: A certainly rattled Conway articulated Mika’s name as “Mike-a.”

Compelling journalism there, Mike-a!

Mika Brzezinski’s coddling of George Conway pertaining to the John Weaver sex rumor was funded partly by Sleep Number and also Allstate.


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