Youtheory sent me their collagen nutritional supplements to evaluate. In this testimonial, I  am mosting likely to review my experience making use of youtheory skin collagen + ceramides, youtheory hair collagen + keratin, as well as youtheory collagen powder. All 3 help in maintaining hair as well as skin healthy and balanced as well as the collagen in the supplements have actually been declared to advertise mind, heart, as well as intestine wellness, along with aid control weight also maintain hair as well as nails healthy and balanced.

3 Load Package

  • hair collagen +
  • skin collagen +
  • collagen powder


hair collagen +

Youtheory Hair Collagen + is a mix of collagen as well as keratin that functions to nurture the body as well as renew hair from within. This hair formula includes Cynatine, a specialized keratin healthy protein that is very bioavailable in the body as well as able to bond to hair for better stamina, radiate, as well as illumination.


  • lowers loss of hair
  • sustains more powerful hair
  • renews collagen

Medical Uses hair collagen +

Right Here are the 3 major parts of hair collagen + as well as this is just how it medicinally advertises hair development as well as enhances the general top quality of your hair.


This healthy protein is the major element of hair roots (the small cavities that border the origin of each hair). It is likewise the major element of the skin that borders each hair roots. A variety of researches have actually revealed that throughout anagen (energetic development stage), collagen boosts as well as enlarges around hair roots, therefore sustaining hair throughout the development stage.


Cynatine is bioactive keratin that advertises healthy and balanced hair. Keratin is a healthy protein that is normally discovered in the body as well as composes around 95% of the hair shaft (the non-living part of hair that stays over the skin). Human beings researches have actually revealed that Cynatine can be included straight right into the hair shaft, therefore aiding to lower loss of hair (connected with day-to-day cleaning as well as cleaning), boost hair radiate as well as illumination, as well as enhance hair stamina on the whole.

Stacey Chillemi

What I thought about hair collagen +

For several years I dealt with attempting to obtain my hair to expand.  After I had my youngsters I was running about like a madwoman looking after 3 youngsters.  My lengthy hair ended up being a problem so I determined to reduce my hair short.

Later on when my youngsters aged as well as points ended up being a little simpler I determined to expand my hair long once again.  That recognized it was mosting likely to be such a battle attempting to obtain my hair to expand long once again.  As I aged my hair was no more the exact same.  My hair was expanding extremely slow-moving, my hair was no more soft.  It was weak as well as completely dry.  My hair likewise didn’t bring the soft glowing radiance it when had previously.

I began making use of youtheory hair collagen +.  I have really been utilizing it for 2+ years as well as I enjoy it.  My hair began expanding once again as well as the completely dry as well as weak structure quit.   In 6 months  I mosted likely to the beautician as well as she asked me what I was doing. I informed her I was making use of youtheory hair collagen +.

The tablet computers are tiny as well as they’re very easy to ingest. I very suggest them to somebody aiming to keep healthy and balanced hair, advertise hair development, boost density. as well as advertise luster.

skin collagen +

Youtheory Skin Collagen+ is a mix of collagen as well as ceramides that interact to enhance skin hydration from within. This healthy and balanced skin formula includes CeraLOK a scientifically examined phytoceramide that is taken into consideration the best skin cream.


  • boosts skin dampness degrees
  • normally renews skin
  • renews collagen

Medical Uses skin collagen +

Right Here are the 3 major parts of skin collagen + as well as this is just how it medicinally renews as well as enhances your skin.


This healthy protein in your body composes 70-80% of the completely dry weight of skin. It offers a vital architectural function in healthy and balanced skin, yet progressively breaks down as well as lessens in time. Researches reveal that just 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen each day can aid enhance collagen manufacturing as well as renew skin from within.


Ceramides are lipids (fats) that are normally discovered in the outer layers of skin. It assists to hold skin cells with each other as well as develop a safety obstacle that locks-in dampness. Although ceramides are frequently diminished throughout the aging procedure, they can as well as need to be restored overtime to aid maintain your skin bouncy, smooth, as well as younger.


CeraLOK is a Japanese-origin ceramide originated from rice (not wheat, like various other ceramides on the marketplace). 40 mg of CeraLOK™ materials 1.2 mg of glucosyl ceramides as well as has actually been revealed to enhance skin hydration, skin flexibility, skin level of smoothness, as well as skin obstacle feature when taken in by mouth.

What I thought about skin collagen +

For a very long time, I have actually been experiencing completely dry skin particularly on my legs as well as currently when I look carefully in the mirror I have actually started to observe completely dry skin on my face.  Youtheory sent me their skin collagen + to attempt as well as after utilizing it for 2 weeks I saw the dry skin on my skin decline.  When I massage my hand backwards and forwards my legs I no more really feel the sensation of completely dry harsh skin.  my skin is a great deal smoother as well as softer. I no more see the white flakiness that I saw on my legs brought on by my completely dry skin.


collagen powder

Collagen is a significant architectural healthy protein in the body (discovered in skin, joints, bones, capillary, as well as connective cells). As we age, collagen normally damages down as well as lessens in time.  This is among the major root causes of very early aging.


  • restores skin
  • renews hair
  • renews nails
  • renews collagen

Medical Uses Collagen Powder

Right here are both major element of the collagen powder as well as their medical usages.


It assists restore important appeal healthy proteins while providing effective wellness advantages.  These wellness advantages are detailed over in the various other 2 supplements hair collagen + as well as skin collagen +.

Vitamin C

This formula is boosted with vitamin C to assist interior collagen manufacturing


Biotin enhances the wellness of the hair as well as nails, help a healthy and balanced maternity, as well as assists control blood sugar level degrees, to name a few wellness advantages.

What I thought about youtheory collagen powder

I took place youtheory Instagram web page as well as saw that they place the collagen powder in some delicious chocolate milk so I determined to enter into the cupboard as well as take some delicious chocolate milk powder very own as well as make myself a mug of delicious chocolate milk, yet this time around I included the collagen powder to it like the one on their Instagram web page as well as think or otherwise you couldn’t taste the collagen it was wonderful!

You can get these supplements at youtheory online as well as in lots of stores consisting of Sams Club.

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