Youtheory sent me their collagen dietary supplements to analyze. In this endorsement, I am mosting most likely to examine my experience using youtheory joint collagen + boswellia, youtheory bone collagen + D3 & K2, in addition to youtheory heart collagen + resveratrol. All 3 can aid in completing perfect health as well as likewise markets lengthy life along with numerous other wellness as well as health benefits to improve your basic health.

3 Tons Bundle

  • heart collagen +
  • bone collagen +
  • joint collagen +

heart collagen +

Youtheory Heart Collagen+ is an efficient mix of collagen, resveratrol, as well as likewise vitamin K2 that connect to invigorate capillary in addition to keep blood streaming conveniently. This healthy and balanced as well as well balanced heart formula consists of Veri-te ™, all-trans resveratrol that is very bioavailable in the body as well as likewise analyzed for its cardio influences.


  • maintains healthy and balanced as well as well balanced blood flow
  • help maintain versatile arteries
  • restores collagen

Medical Usage heart collagen +


This product includes collagen. Collagen is an important component of the cardio system, making up virtually 10% of the heart in addition to 50% of vein. Collagen is especially necessary for arteries, as it provides versatility as well as likewise allows vasodilation. Functional arteries are amongst one of the most efficient indications of cardio health in addition to research exposes that 2.5 grams of hydrolyzed collagen every day can significantly improve arterial versatility.

Veri-te ™

Heart collagen + also consists of Veri-te ™. Veri-te ™ is a clinically revealed, all-trans resveratrol made through fermentation. Resveratrol is an efficient antioxidant compound as well as likewise is ending up being amongst among one of the most effective vasoactive nutrients out there. Research study researches expose that Veri-Te resveratrol improves blood flow wellness as well as health through increased nitric oxide production.

Vitamin K2

Heart collagen + consists of vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 increases heart wellness as well as health by improving calcium balance inside the body. K2 locations calcium in bones in addition to does away with calcium from arteries, where it can collect with time. K2 has really been disclosed to assist maintain arterial versatility in addition to maintain a healthy and balanced as well as well balanced cardio system as we age.

What I took into consideration heart collagen +

I started using the trademark name youtheory a year previously as well as likewise I have not stop thinking about that. When Covid-19 began in 2015 I started using their use Youtheory immune+ daily wellness. I truly felt a boost in my power level in addition to the fact that I never ever before acquired Covid definitely assisted me become an actual fan. Additionally, I used their Tumeric as well in addition to it absolutely assisted to lower my swelling in addition to water weight down. I stay to use it daily because of the reality that it has a great deal of benefits besides swelling.

I was enjoyed start using their heart collagen + because of the reality that because I stay in my forties I need to start being a lot more along with factors. Heart problems run in my house as well as likewise I have really regularly been a strong fan in being a proactivist. Why wait till the problems take place when you can quit the difficulty from taking place totally by caring for your body by providing it what it calls for.

I such as to take it in the morning when I stand up before I exercise. The tablet computer systems are small in addition to really simple to consume.


bone collagen +

Youtheory Bone Collagen+ is an efficient mix of collagen, vitamin D3, in addition to vitamin K2 that connect to support the skeletal system in addition to help strong, healthy and balanced as well as well balanced bones. This dietary supplement features Aquamin ®, a multi-mineral difficult that help recover essential nutrients that are normally losing out on from people’s day-to-day diet regimen routines.


  • elevates bone mineralization
  • aids maintain bone density
  • restores collagen

Medical Usage bone collagen +


This nutrient is higher than just a “skin” nutrient. Collagen is a crucial aspect of bones, making up 90% of the all-natural (non-mineral) part in addition to 30% of total bone mass. Collagen creates the typical building framework of the bone itself in addition to materials binding internet sites for minerals. The mix of collagen + minerals makes our bones strong in addition to flexible.

Vitamins D3 & K2

Vitamins D3 as well as likewise K2 improve bone mineralization. D3 ensures that calcium is absorbed comfortably, while K2 brings calcium right into the bones (in addition to eliminates your arteries from excess calcium). These 2 essential nutrients are often doing not have in the modern diet plan routine in addition to the majority of us require supplements in order to please very little requirements.

Aquamin ®

Aquamin ® is an unique multi-mineral center stemmed from algae. Unlike numerous other mineral sources utilized in food, beverage, as well as likewise supplement prep job, Aquamin is stemmed from 100% red water algae. Aquamin is collected in spotless waters off the coast of Iceland in addition to materials calcium, magnesium, as well as likewise over 70 numerous other trace element.

What I took into consideration bone collagen +

In my 40’s I had an accident where I glided as well as likewise went down in addition to when I stood I might not transfer my arm. I harmed my collar bone in 2 areas in addition to I was unable to use my entire arm for a variety of months. I keep in mind the doctor specifying to me our bones aren’t what they utilize to be as well as likewise child was he right! Our bones wind up being additional breakable as we age. Regretfully they can harm additional comfortably as well as likewise I have a variety of stories I can share to reveal it yet we’ll preserve that for an extra day.

Furthermore, our altitude reduces likewise. This results from the reality that the trunk as well as likewise back minimize as we age. I bear in mind the last time my mother and fathers involved see I was having a look at my mother that was regularly 5 foot 4 ′. I’m 5 foot 2 ′ as well as likewise I am having a look at my mommy as well as likewise I can simply see that she is much shorter than me. I declared no technique! I specified, “mom you decreased. She continued to be in denial. LOL! My children put us back to back to determine us as well as likewise she was 3 inches much shorter than me! She reduced!

So when youtheory sent to bone collagen + to try I was happy, to assert the least. I have really been using it for time presently in addition to I prepare to contain bone collagen + it in my daily regimen of supplements that I use. I am carried out with destructive any longer bones as well as likewise I do not desire to reduce like my mother. When you reach your midlife in addition to older it is essential to provide your body with the nutrients it calls for in order to maintain healthy and balanced as well as well balanced as well as likewise strong bones.

I take them daily. They are small just like the heart collagen + as well as likewise they are straightforward to consume. I very encourage them.

joint collagen +

joint collagen +

Youtheory Joint Collagen+ is an efficient mix of collagen as well as likewise boswellia that works to maintain healthy and balanced as well as well balanced joints. This daily wellness formula consists of BosFlex ™, a concentrated boswellia get rid of that improves joint benefit in simply 7 days.


  • markets healthy and balanced as well as well balanced joints
  • restores collagen
  • fast-acting results

Medical Usage joint collagen +


Collagen plays an important task in joint wellness as well as health. It makes up essentially 90% of joint cartilage product, 30% of bones, as well as likewise 75% of tendons as well as likewise ligaments. Collagen is normally reduced throughout the aging treatment, it can in addition to should certainly be restored in time to aid maintain healthy and balanced as well as well balanced joints in addition to connective cells.

Bosflex ™

This supplement formula is an efficient Boswellia significance attracted from the scent tree as well as likewise typical to 30% AKBA (10 x higher than most of Boswellia significances). BosFlex ™ run at an amazingly decreased dose (100 mg) in addition to is clinically looked into to promote adaptability, convenience, in addition to benefit in joints.

What I considered joint collagen +

For a number of years, I have really battled with joint pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, in addition to back. I have really been making use of youtheory joint collagen + for time presently as well as likewise when I obtained on it for time worrying 2 weeks I began to see the pain that I experience in my joints decreasing. I take it every morning. The supplement is little comparable to bone collagen + as well as likewise heart collagen +.

I very encourage all 3 dietary supplements because they operate well, they are really simple to utilize, the cost is higher than economical as well as likewise after using them the first 2 weeks I saw a difference in the technique I truly feel.

You can obtain these supplements at youtheory online as well as likewise in great deals of stores including Sams Club.


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