5 Ideas On Utilizing A Meditation Cushion To Assist You Discover Your Zen

The hustle and bustle of life may end up in psychological and emotional turmoil in addition to bodily fatigue. For those who really feel as if there are a number of issues in your thoughts, you’ll do nicely to follow meditation to coach your self to focus and improve consciousness of your self in addition to your environment.

Most individuals meditate to scale back stress. Usually, psychological and bodily stress raises the quantity of cortisol within the physique. Elevated ranges of this stress hormone lead to detrimental results equivalent to the discharge of cytokines, a kind of inflammatory chemical, which might intervene with sleep, trigger despair and nervousness, increase blood strain, and contribute to fatigue and foggy pondering. However with meditation, this irritation response may be lowered. (1)

Meditating every day may also improve empathy. There’s a sure kind of meditation that prompts neural connections within the mind to control constructive feelings, equivalent to empathy and kindness. It induces a deep state of move, which will increase social connectedness and makes folks extra affectionate and amicable. (2)

Beginning your meditation journey

Sitting correctly in an unsupported cross-legged, or Lotus place means sitting upright and protecting the pure curves of the backbone in place. This place necessitates ankle, knee, and hip mobility that most individuals lack. Consequently, you could expertise cramping, pinching, and slumping, which makes it tough to give attention to something apart from if you’ll be capable to arise once more.

Though you don’t actually need any particular units to begin your meditation journey, there are instruments that may enhance your expertise. One such accent is a meditation cushion or pillow, which is developed particularly to make sure that you may focus in your meditation routine with out worrying about aches and pains from extended sitting or kneeling.

If you have already got a meditation cushion or are planning to purchase one, it’s best to know the right way to maximize it. Listed below are some suggestions that may assist you to:

Decide the perfect kind of cushion you want

You will discover varied meditation pillows in the marketplace at the moment. Historically, nuns and monks in historic China made handwoven mats composed of dried grass. They transported these on their backs and used them as shelter when it rained.

They might unfold their mats in an space and settle in for deep meditation. With this, they’re in a position to meditate for hours with crossed legs and half-closed eyes.

Though one of these cushion was well-liked prior to now, they aren’t that simple to search out these days. If this was the one meditation pillow you had, sitting for lengthy durations of time would most definitely be an not possible feat.

Fortuitously, there have been extra comfy variations in recent times. Earlier than you need to use a meditation pillow, you truly need to buy one first to have the ability to take pleasure in it throughout your classes. For those who’re looking out for a cushion to meditate on, these are the elements it’s best to contemplate:


Do you favor sitting on a cushion with crossed legs or kneeling to meditate? Analysis and discover your choices, significantly in case you are new to meditating, and select the one that gives essentially the most assist. It is best to be capable to retain a straight again to help your physique’s means to remain alert and centered. Plus, the pillow should maintain you secure and balanced in an effort to focus with out interruptions.


Meditation cushions can be found in a big selection of sizes, the minimal of which is 5 inches. It’s essential to contemplate your peak when choosing a meditation cushion. Taller folks might favor a extra substantial pillow, whereas shorter folks ought to select one which accommodates their wants.


Zafu pillows and Zabuton pillows are the 2 hottest cushions in the marketplace. The latter resembles giant rectangular mats, whereas the previous is out there in spherical, rectangular, and U-shaped shapes. There are additionally pillows which might be U and V-shaped, that are developed to forestall knee and hip damage and scale back again ache. Elevating particular muscle mass or joints is essential to lower the danger of aggravating accidents, significantly for these with pre-existing or recurring issues.


Meditating earlier than going to mattress can assist you obtain deep and restorative sleep. And also you need to have the ability to meditate with out experiencing any discomfort, equivalent to knee or leg ache, throughout the session. Figuring out this, you’ll want a meditation pillow that may give you the utmost stage of consolation. You can even strive merchandise like Magnesium Glycinate for sleep, which dietary supplements the physique with ample vitamins to provide the finest snooze after an extended day’s work.


Meditating in several areas can give you a wide range of surroundings, inspiration, and focus. Consequently, it’s best to search for a meditation cushion that you may take with you wherever you go. Some have handles for simple transport, whereas others are foldable or inflatable, making them extra handy to hold round and retailer between makes use of.

Experiment with totally different poses

For those who’re a meditation newbie, you may nonetheless be in search of poses which might be best for you and might facilitate the final word Sen expertise. Along with your cushion, it’s best to experiment with totally different poses to search out the perfect one, equivalent to these easy poses:


Kneeling is among the most famed and easy meditation poses. Nonetheless, it might probably shortly grow to be uncomfortable and even painful for these with delicate knees or ankles if not supported. When doing the place, place your cushion between your knees to alleviate strain in your joints and improve circulation in your legs.

Lotus pose variations

Half and Quarter Lotus pose variations are gentler on the knees and hips than the complete model. A Quarter Lotus pose is nice for opening the hips, knees, and ankles. You are able to do this by merely crossing your legs and inserting your proper ankle on the alternative calf gently. For the half Lotus pose, carry the identical ankle greater, permitting it to relaxation on the higher thigh of the opposing leg.

Cross-legged pose

Another choice is to sit down in a easy cross-legged place to scale back joint pressure. Don’t overlook to nonetheless stretch your knees and maintain your hips open. Utilizing a meditation cushion on this place prevents you from rounding out your again, permitting you to meditate for longer and extra comfortably. For those who discover your toes falling asleep whereas doing this pose, strive switching to a supported kneeling pose to alleviate strain in your ankles and enhance circulation.

Be conscious of discomfort and ache

Normally, most instances of decrease physique ache, particularly within the legs, ankles, and knees, throughout ground sitting meditation are an inevitable results of tendons and muscle mass stretching as an individual adapts to unfamiliar poses. It’s possible you’ll proceed to really feel discomfort and a few type of ache in doing cross-legged postures till your flexibility improves, which might take years, even with a every day mindfulness meditation routine.

The extent of ache and discomfort you could expertise whereas sitting may be affected by a wide range of elements, and it might not be so simple as discovering the best assist. Nonetheless, discovering the suitable cushion or pillow can enhance your meditation expertise.

Hull cushions positioned below the knees might assist scale back knee torque. The advantages of utilizing pillows and different types of assist will most definitely be felt solely after sitting for greater than half-hour. Be sure the seat cushion is excessive sufficient in order that the knees are decrease than the hips.

You can even place a folded blanket or a flat raiser mat below the cushion to extend the peak of your hips. Furthermore, elevating your again assist can assist rotate the pelvis ahead, making it simpler to take care of an upright backbone with out pressure.

Know the right way to look after the cushion

Step one in cleansing your meditation cushion is to take away it from the protecting. In case you have one with buckwheat hulls, keep in mind to all the time flip it on its facet with the deal with dealing with up when opening the zipper since that the hulls are free inside it. Pour them right into a clear bucket or giant container, if attainable.

Earlier than cleansing, flip the quilt inside out. The quilt may be dry-cleaned or hand-washed in chilly water and tumble-dried on low warmth.

Carry on practising

Even in case you have a cushion or pillow to make your meditation journey extra comfy, you continue to have to maintain practising to attain the final word Zen. The flexibility to zone out and focus may not all the time come to you instantly, which is why that you must develop this ability. When you get the grasp of it, the hours will go by like a snap, leaving you to really feel refreshed and reinvigorated.


Though you don’t want fancy gear to begin meditating, you can also make the expertise extra comfy and pleasurable with meditation cushions. This instrument can present assist and scale back the ache and discomfort that entails extended sitting or kneeling. 

To take advantage of out of one of these pillow, it’s a must to discover the suitable one on your wants and know the right way to handle it. You also needs to experiment with totally different poses that may assist you to obtain Zen.

Moreover, do not forget that regardless that you’ve a meditation cushion, you may nonetheless really feel a little bit of discomfort since your physique may not be accustomed to utilizing some muscle mass. Lastly, don’t quit and carry on practising till you’ve developed the behavior of mindfulness.

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