The Newest Hotel Amenity? Virus-Scrubbed Air

The Newest Hotel Amenity? Virus-Scrubbed Air

“In a transient environment, like a hotel, motel or dormitory, you don’t know who was there before you and what their health was,” claimed Wes Davis, the supervisor of technological solutions with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, a profession organization, including that great house cleaning is a leading concern in such areas. “As for the other items like ultraviolet exposure or ionization, every little bit helps, but I’m not quite sure any of them is the perfect solution. It’s more like a concert.”

Throughout the summer season, the Madison Beach Hotel, component of Hilton’s Curio Collection of resorts, in Madison, Conn., utilized its outside areas for eating as well as also convening in camping tents. But with the strategy of winter, COOLING AND HEATING service providers mounted an air filtration system that makes use of UV light as well as ionized hydrogen peroxide in a lot of public locations of the resort, consisting of the interior dining establishment as well as conference room. Spa therapy spaces each have their very own mobile air filtration systems.

“We wanted to create an environment that was as safe as possible,” claimed John Mathers, the resort’s basic supervisor, including that each visitor area has its very own shut COOLING AND HEATING system that doesn’t mingle with others and thus does not require extra purifying. “The air being recirculated in your room is your air.”

But many hotels are bringing units into the guest rooms for extra assurance. In Rhode Island, rooms at the Weekapaug Inn as well as Ocean House hotel, both run by Ocean House Management, have Molekule air purifiers that destroy pollutants and viruses at a rate above 99 percent, according to the independent testing group Aerosol Research and Engineering Laboratories.

Larger units were recently added to restaurants and public spaces, and the portable units have become a top seller, starting at around $500, in Ocean House’s gift shop.

Decisions about installing air purification systems tend to happen at the property or ownership level, rather than the brand level. But Hilton has AtmosAir’s bipolar ionization air purification systems in its Five Feet to Fitness rooms, more than 100 guest rooms across 35 resorts that double as mini gyms with weights, indoor cycles and meditation chairs.

Many hotels have long offered allergy-free or wellness spaces to travelers that feature heightened purification systems. Pure Wellness has its Pure Room technology that claims to eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi, including air filters effective enough to trap the coronavirus, in over 10,000 spaces worldwide.


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