Why Kevin Hart Called New Celeb Game Face Episode “Comedy Gold”

Why Kevin Hart Called New Celeb Game Face Episode "Comedy Gold"

5. An Unexpected Ending

Congratulations, tWitch and Allison.

The married couple proved they had been a dynamic duo as they had been topped the winners. In typical Celebrity Game Face style, tWitch and Allison had been despatched the Hart of a Champion trophy.

However, Anthony did not agree with the ultimate consequence of the episode and drove along with his mother to tWitch and Allison’s home to “get what’s mine.”

tWitch remarked in shock, “This fool really came to the house.”

Upon getting into the famed dancers’ residence, Anthony and Doris took possession of the trophy.

Anthony’s mom declared, “Kevin is mine!”

As for Anthony, he advised the digicam, “I’m snatching babies…I got the trophy…Run, mama. Run!”

This second had Kevin declaring the episode as “comedy gold.”

You can say that once more!

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