RHR Analysis Assessment: MS, Teen Prediabetes, Sleep Deprivation & Fats, Cognitive Decline, Leisure & Loneliness, and Sunscreens

On this episode, we talk about:

  • Antibody reactivity to dairy proteins in folks with a number of sclerosis
  • Alarming charges and potential causes of prediabetes in teenagers
  • Statistics exhibiting that inadequate sleep contributes to stomach fats accumulation
  • The rise in circumstances of cognitive decline in older folks
  • How leisure time can cut back the loneliness that negatively influences well-being, significantly in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Carcinogens in sunscreen and the most secure sunscreen choices

Present notes:

  • Examine: Antibody Cross-Reactivity Between Casein and Myelin-Related Glycoprotein Leads to Central Nervous System Demyelination
  • Examine: Developments in Prediabetes Amongst Youths within the US From 1999 Via 2018
  • Examine: Results of Experimental Sleep Restriction on Power Consumption, Power Expenditure, and Visceral Weight problems
  • Examine: Time Developments in Incidence of Reported Reminiscence Issues and Cognitive Decline: a Cohort Examine in UK Main Care
  • Examine: Relationships of Leisure Social Assist and Circulate With Loneliness in Worldwide College students in Taiwan: Implications Through the COVID 19 Pandemic
  • Environmental Working Group web site
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Hey, everyone, Chris Kresser right here. Welcome to a different episode of Revolution Well being Radio. This week, we’re going to do one other analysis evaluation episode. I recorded the primary one among these a couple of weeks in the past, and we obtained numerous nice suggestions about it, so I’m contemplating making it an everyday function.

Antibody Reactivity to Casein Protein in Folks with A number of Sclerosis

The primary examine is about milk and [multiple sclerosis]. The examine was known as Antibody Cross-Reactivity Between Casein and Myelin-Related Glycoprotein Leads to Central Nervous System Demyelination. That’s a mouthful. And it was revealed in PNAS. I feel this can be a actually necessary examine as a result of the researchers discovered that casein, which is a protein in cow’s milk, can set off irritation within the myelin sheath across the nerves within the mind. If you concentrate on our nervous system [as] a bundle of wires, which it sort of is, the myelin sheath is just like the insulation round these wires. It helps forestall quick circuits, so to talk, and likewise helps with [the] conduction of nerve impulses. The researchers suspected that the rationale this occurred was molecular mimicry. What this implies is that the physique produces antibodies to casein, which is the protein in milk, [and], for no matter purpose, in folks with [multiple sclerosis], and I’d argue different autoimmune illnesses at instances, I’ll come again to that, see this casein protein as a overseas invader, as one thing that shouldn’t be current. It produces antibodies in opposition to that protein in an analogous means [to how] our physique would produce antibodies in opposition to a virus or micro organism or one thing else that’s pathogenic and doesn’t belong.

However the antibodies which are produced in opposition to this casein protein additionally find yourself attacking proteins within the myelin sheath across the nerves. That’s this phenomenon of molecular mimicry, the place antibodies which are produced initially in opposition to one compound or antigen find yourself cross-reacting and attacking our personal self-tissue. This may occur with gluten. That’s most likely the place molecular mimicry is finest recognized, in circumstances of celiac illness or non-celiac wheat or gluten intolerance. However this examine exhibits that it’s additionally taking place with milk proteins in folks with a number of sclerosis. So that is, I feel, actually attention-grabbing in mild of Terry Wahls’ work and likewise the Autoimmune Protocol. These of you [who] are acquainted with this know that, within the autoimmune illness neighborhood, [and] significantly within the Purposeful Medication, Purposeful Well being, and ancestral well being areas, there’s been a dietary protocol for addressing these circumstances. It’s been round for a few years. Typically it’s known as AIP. That’s one protocol, [the] Autoimmune Protocol.

Dr. Terry Wahls, who suffered from [multiple sclerosis] herself and made a exceptional restoration, additionally has her personal model of this weight loss program. It entails eradicating all dairy merchandise from the weight loss program in addition to different meals like peppers, nightshades, nuts and seeds, grains, legumes, and so forth. As a result of all these meals both can set off intestine points that disrupt the immune system, or they’ll trigger antibody manufacturing, which then triggers this molecular mimicry phenomenon that we’re speaking about proper now. There was some revealed peer-reviewed analysis supporting AIP. In actual fact, I’ve had Dr. Wahls on the podcast a couple of instances to speak about her groundbreaking analysis on this space. However past Dr. Wahls’ work and some different papers, there hasn’t been numerous formal analysis supporting AIP and [the] removing of dairy merchandise for folks with autoimmune illness. So this examine provides to that, and particularly, for sufferers with a number of sclerosis, means that consuming dairy proteins may very well exacerbate the situation and even contribute to it creating within the first place. [However,] that was not studied on this examine, and I’ve some questions on that.

I simply need to point out a few issues right here. The primary is that, whereas this examine does present that dairy proteins can contribute to or exacerbate [multiple sclerosis], it doesn’t recommend that dairy proteins are dangerous [to] everyone. That’s an necessary distinction. It’s tempting to come back to that conclusion. However that’s not in any respect what this examine suggests. There could also be options [in] folks with autoimmune illness that make them vulnerable to this type of molecular mimicry from dairy proteins that individuals who do not need autoimmune illness don’t have, and it might even be significantly particular to folks with [multiple sclerosis]. So bear in mind, with weight loss program, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” method. There are at all times individuals who say, “This meals is dangerous for everyone; that meals is sweet for everyone.” And definitely, we are able to say that sugar, refined sugar and flour, industrial seed oils, and meals like which are dangerous for everyone and sure meals are good for everyone. However there’s a restricted variety of these. In relation to selecting one of the best weight loss program for ourselves as people, there actually isn’t any “one-size-fits-all” method. It’s necessary to think about a complete bunch of various variables, and likewise do numerous experimentation to seek out [the] finest weight loss program for you. Nonetheless, I feel this can be a very attention-grabbing examine, and it contributes to numerous anecdotal proof and a few revealed, peer-reviewed proof suggesting that dairy proteins and dairy merchandise, basically, is probably not a good suggestion for folks with autoimmune illness.

Alarming Charges of Prediabetes in Teenagers and Potential Causes

The following examine checked out charges of prediabetes in teenagers during the last 20 years. It’s known as Developments in Prediabetes Amongst Youths within the US From 1999 Via 2018, and it was revealed in JAMA Pediatrics. The statistics on this examine are, frankly, fairly alarming. They recommend that one in 5 teenagers now have prediabetes. Let that sink in for a second. One in 5 teenagers now has prediabetes. It is a horrific failure of public well being. We all know from an enormous physique of proof that folks with prediabetes progress to full-fledged sort 2 diabetes [at] an annualized fee of 5 to 10 %. And 70 % of people which are identified with prediabetes will ultimately develop diabetes. So this makes it extraordinarily probably that with out intervention, if somebody is identified with diabetes as a young person, they are going to virtually actually go on to develop full-fledged sort 2 diabetes. And doubtless fairly early of their life, given the statistics that I simply talked about. It is a large drawback as a result of we all know that folks with sort 2 diabetes have a better threat of coronary heart and blood vessel harm and coronary heart assaults, nerve harm, kidney harm, eye harm, [and] foot harm. They develop osteoporosis at a better fee, they’ve a decreased high quality of life, they usually have a a lot larger threat of Alzheimer’s [disease] and dementia later in life.

In case you recall from the primary analysis evaluation [that I did], I shared a examine that steered that our blood glucose ranges as early as age 35 will predict our Alzheimer’s illness threat later in life. If a rising variety of teenagers are being identified with sort 2 diabetes at that age, then think about what that’s going to do to the danger of Alzheimer’s [disease] and dementia 30, 40, [or] 50 years later of their life. The researchers on this paper didn’t speculate on the reason for these elevated charges of prediabetes in teenagers, however I’ll speculate on it. In case you take a look at different research, you see that the common American, and I’d lengthen this to different industrialized nations (it’s not fairly as dangerous, however they’re catching up), the common American will get 60 % of their energy from ultra-processed meals. Not simply processed meals, [but] ultra-processed meals. These are extremely refined meals like pizza, cookies, crackers, muffins, sugar-sweetened drinks, all of the processed and refined junk that you simply see at fast-food eating places and comfort shops, and issues like this. These sources now comprise greater than half of the energy that folks eat. And that is true for youngsters, as effectively. It might be much more true for youngsters. I haven’t seen particular research on the share of energy from ultra-processed meals on this age group, however there are undoubtedly traits in meals consumption in teenagers that match or exceed what we see in adults. So one drawback is weight loss program. An enormous drawback.

Quantity two is lack of bodily exercise. Research have proven that school-aged youngsters, together with teenagers, are sedentary for eight or extra of their every day waking hours on common, and most are partaking in extreme display time. So sedentary time is a singular drawback. It’s not simply [a] lack of train or bodily exercise. Somebody may train for a half-hour a day, but when they’re sedentary for the remainder of that day, then there’s nonetheless going to be an elevated threat of illnesses like sort 2 diabetes. It’s not sufficient simply to get a brief interval of train every day. In case you’re sitting for a particularly lengthy interval of the day, then that confers its personal distinctive threat. I’ve written and talked quite a bit about this over time, and I’m positive this isn’t the primary time you’re listening to about it. However it’s undoubtedly, in my thoughts, a contributor to this enhance in prediabetes threat in teenagers.

The third explanation for this, in my estimation, is lack of sleep. We all know that there’s now an epidemic of sleep deprivation in youngsters, which is, partially, brought on by extreme display use. Bringing telephones into the bed room [and] texting in the course of the night time, but in addition simply busier schedules, extra actions, extra homework, and simply normal traits. If a teen will not be getting sufficient sleep, we all know that even a single night time of sleep deprivation may cause insulin resistance the following day. It might probably trigger a rise in meals consumption, [and] it may trigger a lower in judgment round meals decisions. And that’s simply from one night time. So think about what occurs over an prolonged interval of not getting sufficient sleep. You set all these three components collectively—extraordinarily poor diet, excessive charges of sedentary time, and an epidemic of sleep deprivation—then that may actually clarify this alarming enhance in prediabetes in youngsters and teenagers, and that is one thing that I’m actually enthusiastic about. We have to get our act collectively right here. It’s one factor with adults; it’s clearly a really dangerous sample with adults. However with youngsters, we’re setting them up for a lifetime of struggling and continual illness, and that’s simply not okay. Hopefully, this generally is a wake-up name, and we are able to actually make some progress towards supporting teenagers in making higher decisions.

Inadequate Sleep as a Contributor to Stomach Fats Accumulation

Alongside related strains, the following examine checked out how sleep deprivation will increase stomach fats. It’s known as Results of Experimental Sleep Restriction on Power Consumption, Power Expenditure, and Visceral Weight problems, and it was revealed within the Journal of the American Faculty of Cardiology. This was a randomized, managed crossover examine, which is a very nice examine design. Form of [a] gold commonplace. They discovered that lack of adequate sleep led to a 9 % enhance in complete stomach fats space and [an] 11 % enhance in stomach visceral fats in comparison with getting sufficient sleep. As I simply talked about, this can be a large problem as a result of such a big share of individuals now don’t get sufficient sleep. The latest statistics recommend {that a} third of People get fewer than six hours of sleep. That’s up from only a few % again within the Nineteen Sixties. This has been a development over the previous 50 years, [and] it’s getting worse and worse. I need to learn you a quote from Dr. Verand Summers, who was the lead creator of the examine. “Our findings present that shortened sleep, even in younger, wholesome and comparatively lean topics, is related to a rise in calorie consumption, a really small enhance in weight, and a major enhance in fats accumulation contained in the stomach. This implies that insufficient sleep is a beforehand unrecognized set off for visceral fats deposition and that catch-up sleep, at the least within the short-term, doesn’t reverse the visceral fats accumulation. Within the long-term, these findings implicate insufficient sleep as a contributor to the epidemics of weight problems, cardiovascular and metabolic illnesses.”

I need to spotlight one a part of that quote that I feel is particularly necessary, which is that catch-up sleep doesn’t reverse the visceral fats accumulation. What he means by that’s, let’s say you go three, 4 weeks with out getting sufficient sleep, [and] you’re significantly sleep-deprived. And also you accumulate some visceral or stomach fats throughout that interval. Then for the following three or 4 weeks, you attempt to make up for that sleep deprivation by sleeping a bit of bit additional. What this examine suggests is that additional catch-up sleep doesn’t truly reverse the stomach fats accumulation. I’m not saying this to scare you as a result of look, there are conditions in life the place it may not at all times be potential to get as a lot sleep as we would like. [There could be] some traumatic occasion, automobile accident, sickness, or only a significantly tough time at work, or in case you’re an entrepreneur, one thing associated to your personal enterprise. There are lots of totally different causes that folks could go a time period with out getting sufficient sleep. The concept right here is to not make us really feel responsible about [the] issues we are able to’t management. I point out this as a result of, in lots of circumstances, the quantity of sleep we get comes right down to decisions that we do make and that we do have management over. Staying up late looking the web, watching TV, not making it a precedence to get into mattress early and get seven or eight hours of sleep. That’s a much more frequent explanation for not getting sufficient sleep, at the least within the [United States] and different developed nations. I hope that this examine exhibits how necessary it’s to get that sleep as a result of, if we don’t, that visceral stomach fats accumulation can begin and is probably not simply reversible. That’s one of many key findings of this examine.

It’s actually necessary to proceed to make sleep a really excessive precedence in our life and to guard that [priority] in opposition to numerous the encroaching threats to sleep, significantly display time, as I’ve mentioned quite a bit earlier than. Utilizing screens actually near mattress[time] can suppress melatonin manufacturing and provides us [the] nighttime second wind that lots of people expertise [that] then make[s] it much less probably that we’ll go to mattress within the first place. It’s actually necessary as a beginning place to prioritize sleep and make sufficient time for sleep, and make it an enormous precedence in your life. Then, second, to observe good sleep hygiene practices. Within the final analysis evaluation, we talked a couple of examine exhibiting that even average mild publicity throughout nighttime sleep can enhance insulin resistance the following day. That’s a great instance [of why] we need to sleep in a cool, darkish room [and] we need to eliminate something that emits mild, like a digital alarm clock or a telephone. You’ll be able to have a nightlight with [an] amber or pink tint in case you want to have the ability to see to stand up and go to the lavatory or one thing like that. We need to not use screens inside an hour of mattress[time], [and] we need to be sure that our sleep surroundings is quiet. All of the issues that we’ve talked about prior to now, that’s the easiest way to do it and be sure that we get sufficient sleep.

Hear my ideas and insights on some not too long ago revealed research that I’ve discovered particularly attention-grabbing on this episode of Revolution Well being Radio #chriskresser #educator

The Enhance in Incidence of Cognitive Decline in Older Populations

The following examine checked out circumstances of cognitive decline in older folks and located that they’ve doubled within the final 10 years. This examine was known as Time Developments and Incidence of Reported Reminiscence Issues and Cognitive Decline: a Cohort Examine in UK Main Care, and it was revealed within the Journal of Scientific Epidemiology. The researchers checked out 1.3 million adults between 65 and 99 years previous, and this was between 2009 and the tip of 2018, so roughly a 10-year interval. They discovered that for each 1,000 people who have been noticed for a 12 months in 2009, there was one new case of cognitive decline being recorded. By 2018, for each 1,000 people who have been noticed for a 12 months, there have been three new circumstances of cognitive decline being recorded. So this can be a tripling in threat from 0.1 % to 0.3 %. As you’ll word, absolute threat continues to be comparatively low. We talked concerning the distinction between absolute and relative threat [in] the final Analysis Assessment [episode of the podcast] and we’ve talked about [it] earlier than. However on this case, I’d argue that the implications are nonetheless vital. Though absolutely the threat is comparatively low, we noticed a tripling in that threat. This examine additionally confirmed that 46 % of individuals reporting a reminiscence concern and 52 % of individuals reporting cognitive decline would go on to develop dementia inside three years.

We additionally know that circumstances of Alzheimer’s illness are rising quickly, and reminiscence points and cognitive decline might be early indicators of Alzheimer’s [disease]. So this examine and [also] the sooner one about larger charges of prediabetes and teenagers are actually disturbing. However they may also be considered as alternatives or wake-up calls. The truth is we all know find out how to deal with these things. We all know what to do; we simply have to make it a precedence and take motion. I hoped [that] the COVID-19 pandemic would spur us ahead on this regard as a result of we noticed in the course of the pandemic that folks with diabetes, weight problems, and different continual circumstances have been at larger threat of a extreme final result. I had hoped that will result in extra public well being focus and a focus on these continual way of life illnesses and we’d see a higher effort inside the public well being infrastructure to deal with them. Sadly, that didn’t occur. There was simply much more deal with the short-term steps that we may take to deal with the pandemic and not likely a lot deal with the underlying well being points that dramatically enhance the danger of extreme outcomes with COVID-19. It’s as much as us now to take these steps ahead, and research just like the one earlier than concerning the enhance in charges of prediabetes in teenagers after which this one about [the] enhance in cognitive decline in aged folks must be that wake-up name. [They] must be that motivation to assist us transfer ahead right here.

How Leisure Time and the Circulate State Can Cut back Loneliness

The following examine was a very attention-grabbing one and it checked out this query [of], “Is free time overrated?” It’s known as Relationships of Leisure Social Assist and Circulate With Loneliness in Worldwide College students in Taiwan: Implications Through the COVID 19 Pandemic, and was revealed in Leisure Sciences. What the researchers set out to have a look at on this examine is find out how to mitigate the unfavorable impacts of loneliness. I’ve talked concerning the results of social isolation and loneliness earlier than. In actual fact, I discussed it in my first e book, The Paleo Treatment. Loneliness and social isolation are higher predictor[s] of early dying than physique mass index, alcohol consumption, and even smoking 15 cigarettes a day, which is simply exceptional. I don’t assume most individuals are conscious of that. It’s actually not one thing that tends to come back up within the dialogue of an important components that decide our well being span. However it undoubtedly is, and numerous researchers on this house are conscious of this. The examine authors discovered that partaking in significant, difficult actions throughout free time can cut back folks’s loneliness and enhance their constructive emotions, even when they don’t have extra social connection throughout that interval. That is an try and reply the query, “How can we mitigate the impacts of loneliness when social connection isn’t out there?” This, in fact, was a problem throughout [the] COVID-19 pandemic when lots of people have been locked down and caught on their very own. COVID[-19] actually worsened loneliness and social isolation for lots of people, and we’re now seeing much more analysis on this space.

This examine challenged the notion that free time is at all times fascinating or optimum. The researchers discovered that individuals who had significant and difficult experiences, even on their very own, have been much less lonely. This doesn’t shock me in any respect. It undoubtedly suits with my private expertise. I at all times have one thing that I’m engaged in and attempting to be taught and grasp. Recently, in the course of the winter, that [thing has] been snowboarding. I really like snowboarding, however I’m not a ski racer or something. However I take it fairly significantly and I work with a coach, and I ski with a pal who takes video of me and I take video of him and we ship it to our coach and the coach makes numerous ideas. I’m at all times attempting to enhance my snowboarding, and that retains me actually engaged and makes it extra significant and enjoyable. I’m usually engaged on some sort of art-related undertaking [like] images [or] creating artwork for my house, [or] possibly I’m studying a brand new musical instrument. Final 12 months, my purpose was to get again to being fluent in Spanish, which I was, however I’ve fallen out of shape [with]. I’m at all times attempting to interact in these sorts of experiences that can assist me develop. I’ve discovered [that] in my very own life, these [experiences] simply make my life so significantly better. So I used to be actually to see this examine as a result of that’s precisely what the examine outcomes discovered, as effectively.

After we’re engaged in what we’re doing, we enter what psychologists name the move state. To attain a move state, an exercise has to require a reasonably good quantity of talent. Not so tough that it’s inconceivable, however it has to actually demand our consideration and require a reasonably excessive stage of talent. Now we have to be centered on it and never distracted. The exercise must be significant indirectly and can usually contain or provoke a way of timelessness. We’ve all skilled this earlier than. In case you like mountaineering otherwise you’re engaged in enjoying music, or making a portray or one thing like that, and [then you’re] shocked or shocked by how a lot time has handed whereas [you’re] doing that. That’s [the] move state. In fact, the actions that induce move differ from individual to individual, however the commonest ones are sports activities or out of doors actions, making artwork, enjoying music, or writing. Or routine repetitive actions like chopping wooden or washing the dishes may also induce a move state.

I feel the message from this examine, no matter whether or not [or not] you’ve been affected by loneliness, however particularly if you’re, is to recurrently do actions that put you in a move state. I feel this results in a life well-lived and a extra satisfying and satisfying life, no matter your social connections. However I feel the contribution of this examine that’s attention-grabbing is that, even whenever you’re feeling a way of social isolation, whether or not it’s associated to the pandemic or one thing else, these sorts of actions can assist enhance your life satisfaction, even whenever you’re not capable of instantly enhance these social connections. [It’s a] actually fascinating examine, and [I’m] trying ahead to seeing extra analysis alongside these strains.

Carcinogens in Sunscreen and the Most secure Sunscreen Choices

The final examine for at present checked out carcinogens in sunscreen. Summer season is coming, which implies hotter [temperatures] and, for lots of us, extra time open air and extra solar publicity. So I need to make certain you’re selecting one of the best and most secure sunscreen in case you’re going to be outdoors within the solar and utilizing sunscreen. Scientists have found at the least two totally different compounds in sunscreens which are carcinogens, benzene and benzophenone. The issue is that neither of those compounds seem[s] on product labels, however [it] might be launched in the course of the manufacturing course of or by chemical reactions inside the sunscreen. In a single examine, for instance, benzene was present in 43 out of 224 sunscreens and in 8 of 48 after-sun merchandise. The [U.S. Food and Drug Administration] itself means that no stage of benzene is secure, and it’s not permitted in these or some other merchandise. So when merchandise are found that comprise benzene, they must be faraway from the market as a result of it’s such a potent carcinogen.

In actual fact, I simply noticed a headline the opposite day that two in style antiperspirants have been recalled off of the market attributable to [discovering] that they contained benzene. Benzene is a recognized carcinogen in people based on the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], the Division of Well being and Human Companies, the World Well being Group, and different regulatory companies around the globe. So that is undoubtedly a priority after we see these in sunscreens. However benzene and benzophenone should not the one chemical compounds of concern in typical sunscreens, as I’ve mentioned earlier than. [Ultraviolet] (UV) filters like oxybenzone are additionally problematic. Oxybenzone is a compound that’s not steady when it’s uncovered to UV radiation, which is weird that [it] can be put in sunscreen as a result of, in fact, persons are utilizing sunscreen after they’re uncovered to UV radiation. Oxybenzone kinds reactive oxygen species. These are popularly known as free radicals and might trigger oxidative harm, which is certainly a precursor to most cancers. One UV filter, [phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid] (PBSA), has been proven to induce DNA harm in human pores and skin cells after publicity to [UV] rays.

And past the native results from [the] formation of those free radicals or reactive oxygen species, systemic toxicity is a priority as a result of these UV filters get absorbed into the bloodstream. Our pores and skin is a really porous barrier, which implies that no matter we placed on our pores and skin, we must always assume [is] going to get absorbed into our blood. From an evolutionary perspective, we didn’t have a purpose to evolve a really tight, efficient pores and skin barrier as a result of we weren’t placing stuff on our pores and skin for the overwhelming majority of our evolutionary historical past. Our intestine barrier, when it’s intact, truly works fairly effectively in that regard, however our pores and skin doesn’t. So no matter we placed on our pores and skin can find yourself in our bloodstream. That’s one of many causes [why] it’s so necessary to make use of wholesome private care merchandise. Systemically, with these UV filters, one of many main issues is their potential for endocrine disruption. Hormone imbalances. There are a number of animal and in vitro research which have discovered antagonistic developmental and reproductive results of those UV filters. That’s necessary for all of us, however much more necessary for youths and younger folks. Placing these sunscreens on our children as they’re nonetheless creating their endocrine programs may be particularly dangerous.

The most secure choice for sunscreen is one that may be a non-nanoparticle zinc oxide product. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, I’m going to direct you to the Environmental Working Group web site. They’ve a information to sunscreens [that lists] one of the best sunscreens that don’t comprise these UV filters and benzene and benzophenone, and which are zinc oxide-based and don’t have nanoparticles. They’re simply the cleanest, most secure merchandise. Environmental Working Group, we’ll put a hyperlink to it within the present notes. You can even Google “Environmental Working Group information to sunscreens” and you must be capable to discover it. They’ve additionally obtained good ideas basically on how and when to make use of sunscreen and find out how to make good decisions when searching for sunscreen.

Okay, everyone. That’s it for now. Hold sending your questions in to ChrisKresser.com/podcastquestion, and we’ll see you subsequent time.

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